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Bead and Jewelry Stores in My Area

Updated on April 25, 2014
Part of Downtown Saint Charles Missouri.  You can see many neat buildings while visiting.
Part of Downtown Saint Charles Missouri. You can see many neat buildings while visiting. | Source

Best stores for Beading and Ephemera in St. Louis Area - Missouri

Some of my Favorite Jewelry Making Supply Stores

I have a couple favorite and unique stores in my area where I can go to purchase beading supplies for all my jewelry making needs. They sell buttons and ephemera as well very often and if you need something in particular you can call ahead and ask them specifically. I have done that more than once and they are always very nice, helpful and happy to give directions and hours to their beautiful little shops.

These first two are in unique historic districts in downtown Saint Charles area, not far from the riverfront actually. So you could make a neat trip out of it if you were traveling to this area.

String Along With Me

String Along With Me, is a cute little shop in the lower part of a very old house on Main Street in Old Downtown Saint Charles Missouri. I found it after looking for a bead store in my area. I have been there several times and they specialize of course in beads, but also specialize in hats, scarves, bridal jewelry, custom designed jewelry, Brighton Jewelry and jewelry and bead repairs.

The area in the back, where you have to walk through two little swinging wooden shutters to get to, is probably my favorite part of this little store. More than once, the owner has let us go back there to browse her beautiful beads. There is just about everything I could have ever wanted there! We have been able to pick out beads and put them into little jewelry creations right there.

For instance, when I was newer to bead making, the owner showed me how to make a quick pair of earrings out of some beautiful stone beads she had. We put them together and she gave her advice and tips as needed and we had a lot of fun. I had asked her once, if she had in stock any new or unusual stone beads, which are my favorite. They are naturally beautiful and I have loved these kinds of stones since I was a young girl. She said she keeps in touch with a supplier that has many of the newest beads, and I was able to make two pairs of earrings that day with those stones that she let me pick out and purchase. We used little silver findings as well as the beautiful Swarovski crystals.

One other time she allowed my mother to make a pretty pair of red earrings using gorgeous red Swarovski crystals. So several things happened there. We got to have fun shopping, and then we were taught how to make jewelry, and then we created our own one of a kind pieces! I just love that, and this is why it is my favorite store so far.

2nd Street Beads

I found 2nd Street Beads by also looking for a bead store in my area. I went there and ended up spending quite a bit of time looking at the whole store! They had many unique and different kinds of beads, including stone beads and Hill Tribe Silver Beads, etc. I was in heaven and was trying to not spend way too much money there!

I liked that they had specials on certain strands of stone beads. This was very attractive to me, to find a deal on something I wanted or needed and feel I was getting a good value. They threw in a little surprise for a certain amount of money spent also, which was fun. I think the surprise was a tiny little plastic bag filled with various little glass beads! That was fun.

They answered my questions fully, and we had a good time visiting like how one might find in Southern States with their hospitality. I just love that small town feeling and hospitality along with being not far from a very large city, in this case Saint Louis Missouri. So that was a neat bead store that I can recommend. It is located in a French District in a brick house that is over 100 years old!

Bizzy Beads

Bizzy Beads in Chesterfield Missouri is another bead store that I went to and really enjoyed. They are in a newer area and building, but I actually like the charm of the older and downtown areas. That said, this store has so much going for it, and I also spent quite a bit of time when I went there.

First of all, people were scheduling times where you could come and have a beading party, and many little girls do this for their birthdays! Adults can do it also, however. They have what seemed to be workshop stations set up for people to pick out beads and get to work making something!

When I was there, I also asked them if they had anything new to show me, newer stone beads etc. They took me to the front of the store where there was a little area set up with new beads from a show they had just come back from. It was so interesting and fascinating to look at those neat beads. Some of which I had never seen before.

One neat thing about this shop is that it will appeal to a totally different crowd and has a fairly different collection of supplies to sell. They had a lot of the Bali Silver Beads and Karen Hill Tribe Silver that I like so much as well. They were helpful and let me look around as I liked.

I left knowing that I could go back anytime and get help with a project or find something I really need. They had examples also on the walls, of things to make. One was a very beautiful pink coin pearl pendant. I had to get one, and make a pendant of my own, as it was so pretty.

In Summary

I hope these reviews have been helpful to you if you are considering coming to this area ever to do some bead shopping. I have to give a shout out to a few different stores also in this area. One is next door to Patches, which is a quilting store. Both in the back of the Patches store, as well as the little store next door, they have some amazing findings and ephemera, old fashioned buttons, you name it. The other two stores in the area to visit are Glasshopper Studio, and Ladybug Beads, LLC. I have not been to those yet, and have frequented the other smaller stores more. I hope to in the future, however.

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A markerString Along WIth Me Bead Store -
625 S Main St, St Charles, MO 63301, USA
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815 N 2nd St, St Charles, MO 63301, USA
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135 Chesterfield Towne Center, Chesterfield, MO 63005, USA
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    • oceansnsunsets profile image

      Paula 5 years ago from The Midwest, USA

      Thank you for your comment Ruth! Glad you are enjoying the posts. Come back any time and share your thoughts. Have a great weekend.

    • profile image

      Ruth 5 years ago

      I'm already a fooelwlr.I read your blog via Google Reader so I don't see your page every day. I like blogs that have pictures, that talk about things the writer is passionate about, and that post frequently. I think you do a marvelous job. You are witty and passionate about planning your wedding. I love to see when you post!

    • oceansnsunsets profile image

      Paula 5 years ago from The Midwest, USA

      Hi Pamela, I know what you mean about having too many hobbies! I am kind of the same way and reality kicks in and there is simply not enough time for them all. Glad you found this interesting, thank you for your comment and vote!

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 5 years ago from United States

      I know some people who make beautiful jewelry but I already have one too many hobbies. However, I do love jewelry so you never know. This is an interesting hub. Voted up!