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Comfort Inn New Cumberland, Pennsylvania

Updated on January 23, 2018
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I grew up the daugther of a man with wanderlust in his feet. I have always loved travel to different places. We bought a timeshare in 1992.

Harrisburg Capitol
Harrisburg Capitol
Gettysburg Battlefield
Gettysburg Battlefield
Welcome to Historic Hershey, Pennsylvania
Welcome to Historic Hershey, Pennsylvania

History of the Area

In my travels with the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, I get to stay in various locations in Pennsylvania and across the United States for Pennsylvania State and National Conventions.

In the Fall of 2014, we spent three days in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania for the State Association Fall Convention where we hosted the National President's official visit to Pennsylvania.

New Cumberland is located right outside Harrisburg which is the capital of Pennsylvania. Although I was there for a specific reason, the area boasts many interesting places to visit which are all within a half hours ride from the hotel where I stayed.

The battlefields and city of Gettysburg is one of these places of interest. While I didn't travel there on this visit, the Grand Exalted Ruler was taken there for a road tour through the historic battlefields and town.

Another placer of interest is Hershey, Pennsylvania which is the birthplace of the Hersey chocolate candy bar and hosts tours of the candy factory. The first lady of Elkdom was given a tour of Hersey by the past first ladies of Pennsylvania.

Comfort Inn, 130 Limekiln Road, New Cumberland, PA
Comfort Inn, 130 Limekiln Road, New Cumberland, PA
Lobby and Business Center outside the Free Breakfast Area
Lobby and Business Center outside the Free Breakfast Area
King Size Bedroom
King Size Bedroom

Comfort Inn Amenities

Although the Comfort Inn was not the convention hotel, my friends and I decided to stay there because of it's close proximity to the convention and monetary savings. We had stayed at the main convention hotel last year and were not impressed with their hospitality or the ease of dealing with their registration desk personnel We were actually right across the road and could have walked back and forth at our discretion.

The Comfort Inn on the other hand made us welcome from the moment we arrived which was well before their advertised check in time of 3 PM. My friends room was available and they were check in immediately.. My room on the other hand was not yet available, but they checked me in and guaranteed me my room would be ready in an hour. I left my luggage in my friend's room until we would return from the convention to dress for dinner. I was present while they instructed the room attendant to make my room ready next.

The rooms are listed to all be outfitted with microwaves, refrigerators and coffee pots. This is not always the case at other hotels. My room was handicapped accessible and had a wide area inside the main door which could accommodate a wheelchair. The shower area was also roll in accessible and had a pull down bench.

I paid a little more for my room even with my senior citizen discount because I had a king size bed and they requested two queen beds.

Both rooms were pleasantly furnished in reds and golds. The only thing that was perplexing was the curtains did not pull shut and at first I couldn't find how to make the first floor windows private from the parking lot outside. The windows were outfitted with blinds that pulled shut from each side.

A markerComfort Inn, New Cumberland, PA -
130 Limekiln Rd., New Cumberland, PA, USA
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Free WiFi

This hotel is outfitted with free WiFi and you can access the internet from every room. Well, while this is mostly true, my room would not let me onto the internet using my own login from my laptop. Normally, I counteract this problem by carrying my own hard wire connection and just plugging into their data line connection. I know this sounds very technical but most people who travel with laptops know what this is and probably have used it.

Through several trips back and forth to the check in desk and suggestions from the Manager, I tried everything to log into my email so that I could send a message that needed to be sent for an answer before I left the convention. To make a long story short the final attempt was the manager coming to my room to find the hard wire connection for me. There was none. It seems that the people who wired the rooms only used phone jack connections and never put in a data line in some of the rooms. Of course, mine was one of them.

My other option was to use the business center PC. Well someone had downloaded a virus onto it and it had to be removed, which meant there was not business center until they can replace the computer. The manager let me use his computer to send my email and all was good for the night. The manager promised that the hard wire connection would be installed the next day while I was at the convention.

At the end of my second day of convention activities, the manager showed me how to get onto my computer using my guest login. This was the only solution to my room since they could not get the data line connection done that day.

It wasn't a perfect solution but allowed me to use my computer. As I was leaving I overheard the two managers discussing the two rooms that needed data feeds in them.

Coffee Station with both decaf and regular coffee and hot water for tea.
Coffee Station with both decaf and regular coffee and hot water for tea.
Breakfast area seating with television available for your morning news and weather
Breakfast area seating with television available for your morning news and weather


The coffee station offers free coffee at any time of the day or night.

After 9 am the breakfast area is closed off from the seating area that is available for eating your meals that you carry in with you.

This area is outfitted not only with the coffee station but also has a table with a booth and four chairs next right next to the coffee pots. The rest of the room is filled with a counter and large table with bar stool type chairs surrounding the TV.

Breakfast area with bowls of fruit and chafing dishes filled with hot foods.
Breakfast area with bowls of fruit and chafing dishes filled with hot foods.
Donuts and Waffle Maker within the breakfast room
Donuts and Waffle Maker within the breakfast room

Breakfast Selections

This hotel boasts not only the normal cereals, donuts and fruit juices but it also has a refrigerated unit that holds hard boiled eggs and yogurt along with the butter and margarine for your toast. There are bagels and various types of breads.

Next to the juice machine are bananas and other sides in bowls. The carafe holds scrambled eggs and sausage links.

On the other wall are the donuts and bread selections along with a machine that dispenses waffle mix to be poured into the self-timed waffle maker. I don't think there is anyone who could not find something that would be on their breakfast menu.

Events in the Area

While we were at the hotel, I eavesdropped on different conversations going on around me. Several of the guests were there for a car show in the area which is popular every year at this time.

Others were there for the pumpkin and farming events that were going on. The hotel carries a monthly bulletin, The Burgh, that outlines the various events that are happening during your stay with them.


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    Eiddwen 3 years ago from Wales

    A great hub bearnmom and here's to many more for us both to share on here.Wishing you a great day.