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My vacation pictures from Interlaken and opportunities for paragliding - Switzerland

Updated on April 9, 2012

I was lucky to get an opportunity to spend some time in Switzerland. The first thing that will come to your mind when you hear about Switzerland may be Swiss banks. Swiss is also famous for its natural beauty. They also have the best cities in the world, Geneva and Zurich. They have three different national languages. They speak German (well, the Swiss version of it). Have you ever heard about Black Madonna ? They also have Black Madonna,(Mother Mary in black) at Einsiedeln

In this hub I will show you some of the pictures that I took during my travel to Interlaken, a small city in Switzerland surrounded by hills and valleys. Check the video at the end of this page

Pictures from Interlaken, Switzerland

Do you like the eagle and experience the new dimension? If you like paragliding, Interlaken is the best place in Europe. There are professional pilots there who will help you fly in the air. 

Why not buy a Swiss watch and enjoy your next summer with your family in Swizerland. Here are the links to some of the best Swiss watches, where you can buy it for cheaper price.


You can see links to several cheap hotels on the top and sides of this page. You can also see a website where you can compare the prices of hotels in Interlaken.


Feel free to add the link to this site in your website or email it to your friends.


Don't forget to try Swiss chocolates when you are in Switzerland.

For hotels in Interlaken, check the links (in blue) given at the top of this page.
For hotels in Interlaken, check the links (in blue) given at the top of this page.
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