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Four Seasons - Special Beauty

Updated on April 16, 2011
Marshmallows on the fire in winter
Marshmallows on the fire in winter

winter time

Are you a fan of the 4 seasons & enjoy the change of weather & scenery each new season brings ?

What a beautiful world we live in and the four seasons all have their special beauty of their own as they come about .

Right now it is winter here so thats where I shall start off in the year. .

We are living in a caravan so we really notice the nip in the air when we go outside down to the bathroom.

We enjoy winter  time , its special as we hug a lot at night to keep warm and we love laying in bed in the morning on a rainy day in each others arms, having a log fire to cook our meal on & maybe a piece of toast or marshmallows later on at night , that is awesome .

We cook our meals on the fire during the weekend ,A  roast  dinner or a hamburger ,casserole etcmarshmallows and enjoy each others company .

We get out our beanies as  are needed to keep our heads warm at this time .

In New Zealand in winter when I was I always had chilblains on my toes which I didn't enjoy but the times we made snowmen in NZ, Barrington tops , NSW Australia and in Wales brings back pleasant memories .

When we lived in a caravan in London we needed 3 layers of clothing to go to the bathroom ! We weresnowed in for a while as the roads were blocked ! The great thing is soon Spring will be here!

Love a fire in winter !
Love a fire in winter !

Spring time

We love Spring and it was especially lovely in New Zealand .

It was the time for new life everywhere & I especially loved to see the new lambs .

I was fortunate enough to be living in the country with my family & we had a lamb we bottle fed, 2 calves and chickens that wandered everywhere and cats.

The fruit there was delicious and we would wander for hours over the paddocks picking and eating the wild blackberries that were down below us.

Birds nest would be full of tiny eggs, hear the frogs off in the distance .

Evening time we would walk through the paddocks picking mushrooms !

It will soon be summer !


Its hot here , Sometimes I find it too hot to wear clothes and I spend the day in a bikini and Sarong ,splashing water over me to keep cool.

I love daylight savings , going to the beach of an evening and snorkeling , however I hate it being too hot during the day .

It gets really stinking hot where we are now and if we are here then most of my time apart from being in the caravan with the air conditioning on will be spent across the road in the swimming pool!

If I start earning well online we will be by a beach with breezes to cool us down !

Roll on Autumn !

Autumn time

 In some areas like I believe in America / Canada  the trees are stunning in Autumn time with the leaves changing colour and I would love to see them.

It is a nice time of year with the tempature cooling down giving us relief from the extreme heat.

Time to sort out clothes for winter , drag out the heaters, etc !

I love each of the four seasons for their own special beauty.

Favorite season

what is your favorite season ?

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Snorkeling in Summer

Ningaloo Reef
Ningaloo Reef

Morawa Pool

BBQ "s by the pool


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    • freecampingaussie profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Southern Spain

      used to love it !

    • travelespresso profile image


      8 years ago from Somewhere in this exciting world.

      The seasons are amazingly different in New Zealand aren't they? I too enjoy spring when the daffodils pop a bright yellow heads above the ground to announce it and the lambs frolic in the green fields. Aaah. Such memories.


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