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World Mysteries – Bermuda Triangle - Myth or Reality?

Updated on May 27, 2015

Bermuda Triangle

According to US Navy, an area named ‘Bermuda Triangle’ does not exist and official recognition of such an area is not in the records. But this place is famous and is considered as the center of many unexplainable disappearances of ships and planes. Bermuda Triangle is roughly an area of 50000 square miles located in the southeastern cost of Atlantic Ocean and is surrounded by the land parts of Miami, Florida and San Juan or Puerto Rico. This triangle is also called as ‘Devil’s Triangle’ because of the many unsolved mysteries accredited to this part of the ocean.

A number of ships and other sea vessels, planes were disappeared without a trace in this area. These disappearances did not leave any clues behind for further investigation. They have simply vanished into thin air. Some of these vessels are believed to be reappeared after some time as per the mysterious stories circulated about Bermuda Triangle.

Bermuda Triangle Map

Bermuda Triangle Stories
Bermuda Triangle Stories | Source

Bermuda Triangle Stories

The mystery of Bermuda Triangle begins in 1950, with an article that was published in ‘The Miami Herald’ by Edward Van Winkle Jones. Two years later, George X. Sand published an article “Sea Mystery at Our Back Door” in ‘Fate’ magazine describing the loss of several ships and planes. The Bermuda Triangle gained its popularity after the article “The Deadly Bermuda Triangle” by Vincent Gaddis, published in February 1964 issue of ‘Argosy’. In the next year the same author published a book on the same subject “Invisible Horizons”. Charles Berlitz published his famous book “The Bermuda Triangle” in 1974.

All of these writings were supported the supernatural interference in these unnatural disappearances of ships and planes. Most of the theories are attributing to some unexplained forces are behind these losses. Alien interventions were also suspected in some articles.

Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle (Unsolved Mysteries) – Library Binding

Bermuda Triangle Disappearances - Main Incidents

Bermuda Triangle history consists of many incidents (some of them are important and some others have less importance) which were reported in the various articles and books. Listing below is some of the important incidents that were taken place in Bermuda Triangle area in chronological order:

  • In 1918 US Navy has lost ‘USS Cyclops’ in this area which was coming from Barbados with full load of manganese ore. There were 309 people as passengers and crew in this ship and all of them have disappeared along with the ship. Before its disappearance, the ship was reported that it has lost one of the engines. This is the largest loss of life in US Naval history when they are not involving in action.
  • In 1921, a naval vessel ‘Carroll A. Deering’ was found abandoned near Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. This ship was supposed to be carried illegal liquor and may be subjected to piracy. Another ship ‘SS Hewitt’ was disappeared almost at the same time also.
  • In 1945, a training flight ‘Flight 19’ was disappeared.
  • In 1948, an aircraft ‘Douglas DC-3’ was disappeared while flying from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Miami.
  • In 1948, ‘G-AHNP Star Tiger’ was disappeared on a flight from the Azores to Bermuda.
  • In 1949, ‘G-AGRE Star Ariel’ was disappeared and it was flying from Bermuda to Kingston, Jamaica.
  • In 1955, a pleasure yacht ‘Connemara IV’ was found adrift in the Atlantic Ocean, south of Bermuda.
  • In 1963, a pair of ‘US Air Force KC-135 Stratotanker' planes collided and crashed into Atlantic.
  • In 1963, tanker ship carrying molten sulphur, named ‘SS Marine Sulphur Queen’ was disappeared off the southern cost of Florida along with its crew of 39.

5 Unknown Facts About Bermuda Triangle by World 5 List

The Bermuda Triangle – Charles Berlitz

Bermuda Triangle (Mysterious Encounters) – Hardcover edition

Arguments Supporting Intervention of Unnatural Forces in Bermuda Triangle Mysteries

The Bermuda Triangle is a region of the sea where many marine tragedies have occurred and most of these incidents were remained unsolved. Disappearances of many ships and aircraft along with the passengers without any trace gave this triangle a mysterious or ghost outlook. Many reasons and explanations were put forward by many in their articles and books for the unnatural vanishing of ships and planes. Some of those arguments or explanations are as below:

  • Influence of the lost continent ‘Atlantis’ (Atlantis was a continent which was submerged into the sea many years ago).
  • Atlantic tropical storms and hurricanes pass through the Bermuda Triangle.
  • Compass variations that have magnetic variation in relation to the magnetic poles in this particular area.
  • Deep ocean current named ‘Gulf Stream’ that originates from the Gulf of Mexico and flows into the North Atlantic. This ocean current is extremely swift and turbulent.
  • Tropical cyclones and powerful storms that are passing through this area.
  • The presence of large fields of a natural gas named ‘Methane Hydrates’. The presence of this natural gas will cause bubbles in the sea decreasing density of the water and in this condition sea vessels can sink very rapidly without warning. But according to United States Geological Survey, no large releases of gas hydrates are believed to have taken place in the Bermuda Triangle for the past 15,000 years.
  • Intervention by alien forces. Some vague reports about finding UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) by the local people gave this theory more strength.

Do you believe that some unnatural forces including UFO’s have played significant role in the disappearances of the ships and plane in Bermuda Triangle?

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Bermuda Triangle (The Mystery Library)

Arguments against the Mysterious Disappearances in Bermuda Triangle

But the above arguments in support of unnatural disappearance theories were opposed by many, especially the government agencies like US Coast Guard and US Navy. US Board of Geographic Names do not recognize the Bermuda Triangle and does not maintain an official file about this area. They are considering the triangle itself is an imaginary concept and the reasons put forwarded to explain the disappearances of ships and planes as illogical and non-convincing.

The US Navy and US Coast Guard challenge that these accidents can explain without the support of supernatural explanations. Many ships and have sunk or disappeared in water around the world due to navigational and human errors, storms, piracy, fires and mechanical failures. Airplanes were also faced the same problems and crashed into the sea. Bad weather and human errors played major roles in these disappearances.

The famous marine insurance company ‘Lloyd’s of London’ does not consider this sea path as dangerous. They have studied about the risk factors of this particular path and found out that a large numbers of ships, as claimed by the mystery writers, were not disappeared or sunk in this particular sea area. So ‘Lloyd’s’ does not charge any additional premium for giving the insurance coverage to the ships traveling through Bermuda Triangle.

In 1975, Larry Kusche, a librarian at Arizona State University made a detailed study about the mysteries of Bermuda Triangle and reached a totally different conclusion. He published a book entitled “The Bermuda Triangle Mystery-Solved”. His research revealed a number of inconsistencies and inaccuracies of the explanations given in the articles of Gaddis and in the book of Charles Berlitz. Salient features of his findings are:

  • Most of the disappearance stories are imaginary creations of the writers or they have written them from the false information they have received.
  • A good number of incidents that was reported to have taken place in Bermuda Triangle have actually taken place in other places, in some cases it was very far from this triangle.
  • The number of missing ships or planes in Bermuda Triangle area is not significant, when this is compared to such incidents in other parts of the ocean.
  • Some missing cases reported were purely imaginary case. As an example, he pointed out the missing report of a plane crash in 1937 off Daytona Beach, Florida. It was not reported by any local papers at that time, though the incident was reported to be taken place in front of hundred witnesses.
  • The mystery writers like Gaddis or Berlitz often not taking account of the effect of natural forces like tropical storms, when a disappearance had occurred in a particular place. They simply reported that the ship or plane was disappeared in the calm sea area of Bermuda Triangle. These facts about the storm or any other natural calamity can be found out from the records of meteorological department.
  • He specified about one case of missing ship in the report of mystery writers, which was reported to be disappeared in Bermuda Triangle was actually disappeared from the Pacific Ocean which is about 3000 mile away from this place. The author may have confused about the name of Pacific port with a city of the same name on the Atlantic coast.

10 Weird Facts About Bermuda Triangle by Altime 10s

The Bermuda Triangle mysteries and the arguments supporting the involvement of unnatural forces behind the missing of many ships and planes became hot selling product in the market and many people have made some good fortune out of it.

But the government agencies like US Navy and US Coast Guard was not supporting these theories. Their interest is to find more rational arguments to support these unpleasant incidents. Along with them, the Lloyd Insurance company and the findings of the librarian-cum-researcher Larry Kuche also are against these unnatural theories and dismissing them commenting as fictitious. But nobody knows the actual facts about this sea area called Bermuda Triangle. Now also this is a very busy sea path and a lot of vessels are passing through this area daily for various purposes.

Bermuda Triangle Mystery of – Library Binding


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