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Best Amusement And Theme Parks In Bangalore City

Updated on September 15, 2010

Fun For Friends And Family At Bangalore's Amusement Parks

Bangalore is home to the IT industry and the BPO's. Family outings on weekends are looked forward to eagerly for some fun and entertainment. Friends welcome the holidays to form groups and set off to the amusement parks such as Wonder La, Lumbini Gardens, Innovative Film City and Fun World.  Easily a whole day of fun and entertainment ! Fun World is within the city and you can reach quickly,should you choose to suddenly opt to go. Lumbini Gardens is situated in Bangalore North on the Ring Road. For the more adventurous, and with prior planning, Wonder La and Innovative Film City are worth driving to, on the Bangalore Mysore Highway near Bidadi. GRS Fantasy Park is closer to Mysore. And you need a minimum 2-hour drive on any day of the week.

Innovative Film City

Innovative Film City

A whole day's fun and entertainment for the entire family !

Star attractions include the Mirror Maze, Wax Museum, Dinosaur Park, Go Karting Zone, Ripley's Believe It Or Not, and several others each with a different theme. You are transported to a different world when you enter each area dedicated to a particular theme. The rides are engaging and challenging for the strong and faint hearted. Carousel, Shark Attack and Roller Coaster are some of the rides enjoyed.

Tickets Rs. 20 for Entry and Rs. 799 for package(includes food at the Food Court and all the rides.

Hot tip : Set out early in the day to avoid crowds. You need at least an hour and a half to get to Bidadi Industrial Area

Innovative Film City - A 4D Experience

The Haunted Mansion @ The Innovative Film City

Wonder La Rides

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Wonder La,The Amusement Park

Real fun for all age groups. Amusement rides and the Water Park is a great hit with all. Rain Disco is popular as also the wet rides. Insanity is a dry ride that churns and twists in all directions up and down and inside out, all at a height, driving you insane. A highly recommended ride, but definitely not for the weak at heart. The Boomerang is another wild and wet ride that most recommend.

You can choose to eat from any of the five restaurants, within Wonder La. You are not allowed to carry your own food or water inside the Park.

Hot Tip : Begin with the wet rides and combination rides as they are the first to get crowded. Set off early in the morning to avoid traffic and crowd.

The Maverick @ Wonder La

Lumbini Gardens

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Lumbini Gardens

Lumbini Gardens is set on the lake front of Nagavara Lake on the Ring Road, close to the Hebbal Flyover. The Wave Pool is a hit among the kids and their parents. The Water Park is equipped with various rides, restaurants, adequate parking, boat rides and jet skis.

The entrance ticket is Rs 50 on weekends and all boat rides and ski rides are pay as you go. Mostly full on weekends and holidays.

Hot Tip : Plan ahead and enjoy leisurely before the crowd sets in.

Lumbini Gardens

Fun World

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Fun World

Fun World comprises of the Water World, Star City(Bowling Alley) and an assortment of amusement rides.Enjoy Atlanta roller coaster, go karting, and several rides in addition to the various water slides.

Safety is of utmost importance here and all rides are marked with the age groups that can use them. Altogether a fun experience for the whole family any day of the week. Particularly full on weekends and holidays,since it is cheaper and within the city.

Hot Tip : Choose to go to either Water World, or Star City or the Fun World, and pay only for that. Depending on the time available and the crowds, you can choose to go to another, once you have finished.

Bangalore's Famous Amusement Parks

show route and directions
A markerWonder La -
Wonder La, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
get directions

B markerInnovative Film City -
Innovative Film City, #24 & 26, Bidadi Industrial Estate,Bidadi, Karnataka 562109, India
get directions

C markerLumbini Gardens,Bangalore -
Lumbini Gardens, Nagawara Lake, Outer Ring Rd, Coffee Board Layout, Nagavara, Bengaluru, Karnataka,
get directions

D markerFun World,Bangalore -
Fun World and Water World, Armane Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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    • profile image

      dr ahmed 6 years ago

      Excellent guide..!! Thank u!!

    • Om Paramapoonya profile image

      Om Paramapoonya 7 years ago

      Fun, fun, fun! I love amusement parks (although I might be a little too old for it!) These places sound amazing. Thanks for sharing. :)