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Best Bars, Karaoke and Live Music In Junction City and Manhattan Kansas Ks

Updated on April 29, 2017

Best Bars, Best Local Music, Best Night Time Hangouts of Junction City and Manhattan

You might not think that there could be a living music scene or night life scene in small Kansas towns, but the Junction City and Manhattan area will prove you wrong. The locals come out of the woodworks with stunning performances, and the type of spirited music that puts the culture and character of midwestern musicians front and center.

From bars and grills to clubs and pool houses, rediscover what Junction City and Manhattan has to offer.

Cowboys and Bikers Welcome!

Club Coyotes

130 West 7th Street
Junction City, KS 66441-2943
(785) 238-3300

Club Coyotoes embodies the special mix of people you get in a semi-rural Kansas town, juxtapositioned next to a military base, Fort Riley. The urban and the country meet, and everybody heads to little spot on mainstreet called Club Coyotes.

With rap nights next to square dancing nights, don't let the quaint, slightly redneck exterior fool you: there's fun happenin' round these parts.

Homies with their swag on are seen next to cowboys suited up, with their boots polished. Club Coyote's exemplifies the unique, country-urban sensibilities of it's inhabitats.


Organized by the Manhattan Music Coalition, Aggiefest happens once a year and you definately want to be involved.

Encompassing around four city blocks, Aggieville is a collection of local businesses, and clubs and lounges. One weekend a year, Aggiefest turns those shops and bars into a flurry of sounds and experiences.

From metal to soul to rockabilly to country, local musicians and citizens flood Aggieville to enjoy themselves and support local live music. Free to the public, Aggiefest is a local source of pride and joy.

Aggiefest is 5 years running strong, and shows no sign of slowing down.

For a complete listing of live music in Aggieville, stop by the myspace page of the Manhattan Music Coalition. Always updated and complete, this listing houses all of the upcoming local shows in each venue.


Pats Blue Ribn Barbeque

1200 Moro Street

Manhattan, KS 66502-5353

(785) 539-7426

Located right in the center of Aggieville, Pat's Blue Ribn Barbeque stands just as solidly as a restaurant as it does a bar and hotspot for local music. A friend to live music, there is always a show going on at Pat's, especially the band Triad, featured in the video below.

Go to Pat's for the atmosphere alone, but be seduced by the great drinks and stellar local musicians. With a taste for the soul, arrive on a night Triad is playing and you won't come close to being disappointed, or consult the board of drink specials for a night with a deal that suits your taste.

Pat's Blue Ribn Barbeque is what many establishments wish they were!

Specials at Pat's Blue Ribbon

The Triad


215 East 8th Street
Junction City, KS 66441-2637
(785) 238-2337

Located in downtown Junction City, it is possible to barhop from Woody's over to Kites Bar and Grill and the Happy House, as well as Coyote's Bar and Saloon. However, the place you want to go first is Woody's.

Beat the super packed crowds, and trade in for good drink prices and mellow regulars. Woody's has pool tables, a dance floor, and a great stage for live performances. This also means karaoke! Many are not won over by karaoke, but come to Woody's on karaoke night and even the toughest critics might be convinced. The locals are the perfect combination of talented, laughable, and good natured about it that it's rather redeeming, and you'll come away from it feeling jolly.


A marker215 East 8th Street, Junction City, KS‎ -
215 E 8th St, Junction City, KS 66441, USA
get directions

Woody's Bar, an eccentric local hangout featuring karaoke, pool tables, live music and a mellow atmosphere.


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    • profile image

      Allison Hennigh 7 years ago

      One of the best places for live music in Manhattan is O'Malley's Alley. They have great bands playing every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday during the spring and summer on the patio. Great Drink Specials too!