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Best Bars in Downtown Nashville

Updated on April 20, 2016

Places to Visit

Living in one of the coolest places in North America has its perks. There is always something going on downtown and the buzz surrounding celebrities is high. There is always a chance for you to run into someone famous and the chances of catching a pop up show is high. Here are some of the best places for you to visit when your in Nashville.

Dicks Last Resort

Dicks Last Resort is located in Downtown Nashville. If you plan on visiting the area and want to have a good meal while enjoying a good drink then you will want to check out Dicks Last Resort. There are a number of these bars around the United States but this one I have been to personally for a fan club party. The people were pleasant, it was a nice atmosphere and the stuff that hangs on the wall is sure to be a conversation piece amongst everyone sitting around the table or standing around the table.

Located at 154 2nd Ave, Nashville TN, it is situated directly above another hot spot which you will want to see while in Nashville. If you are looking for a way to get to this venue without much hassle or do not want to pay for parking, call UBER and give them the location in which you want to visit. With UBER you and your friends can hop into one car and split the cost of the ride which allows you to drink up while out on the town.

Coyote Ugly Nashville

Coyote Ugly is situated at 154 2nd Ave, Nashville TN directly below the Dicks Last Resort pub. All in this building there are a number of things you can do. You can shoot pool or enjoy a meal or sip on some Jack all within one building.

This bar is well known for the women who it employs to dance on the bar top and the rowdiness of the crowd. There hasn't actually been a bar brawl here in years however the crowd does enjoy itself while dancing along and singing to some of the hottest girls in town. The girls must go through a grueling hiring practice in order to even work here so remember that when paying the venue a visit. Make sure you tip well and enjoy your night. Just be warned, there is security and they do monitor what happens inside of the bar.

The Wildhorse Saloon

The Wildhorse Saloon is located at 120 2nd Ave, Nashville TN which is right down the street from the other two venues previously discussed. The Wildhorse is well known for the massive concerts they put on throughout the year. There are multiple floors and bars which allows you to see the stage from a number of views. The view can be taken in from the dance floor to the main floor to the bar.

There is always a large crowd at the Wildhorse Saloon which is enjoyed by all varieties. They play all kinds of music however cater to the more of country music fans than to other styles of music. There are a number of high profile concerts hosted here each year and those ticket sales usually sell out rather quickly. While here make sure to check out their store to purchase your official Wildhorse Saloon gear and souvenirs. They carry everything from postcards to shot glasses to tshirts and anything in between.

Ms. Kellies Karaoke Bar

This bar is well known for the amount of Karaoke that it plays each and every night. There is almost people here and the place stays pretty busy well into the early morning hours. If you are looking for a karaoke bar or want to have a good time at the last minute, this is the place for you. Located in downtown Nashville, surrounded by other venues you will want to see while in town as well, its well worth the cab ride or the UBER cost to get to downtown without paying for parking or worrying about driving after having a few drinks.

Located at 207 Printers Ally, Nashville TN 37201

Downtown Nashville

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