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Best Jet Ski Covers and PWC Covers: Make Sure to Get a Good Jet Ski Cover to Help Protect Your Investment...

Updated on April 8, 2011

Protecting Your Jet Ski with a Jet Ski Cover...

This article will help explain how important getting a Jet Ski Cover is for your newly purchased machine...  If you’ve ever been on vacation and rented a jet ski at some tourist destination with beautiful blue-green water on an incredible sunny day, you know how much fun they can be! Even though the tourist version is somewhat tame as it relates to overall speed, they are still a great way to enjoy yourself and cool off on a hot day in the tropics. For most people, a rental Jet Ski is about the closest they will get to being around one, but for others that first time is just the thing that builds a fire in their belly for them to have to have one of their own! For those of you thinking about purchasing a Jet Ski or have already gone ahead and made the plunge, you know what I’m talking about! It’s a big decision to make, but in reality it didn’t take me long to sign the papers at all because it was something that I really wanted and knew it was right.

I’ve had many years of fun and excitement riding my Sea Doo GTX, and I’m sure to have many more! However, I’ve always taken very good care of my Sea Doo, both the engine and the exterior, which includes having a Jet Ski Cover. That is key to making sure it’s ready to go at a moment’s notice, just when you are! Treat your machine with a little TLC and it will take care of you. Make sure it’s in the shop at a minimum of once a year (in the spring) for the annual servicing, and if you live up north in the colder climates you may want to also bring it in for a wintering service in the fall so that the cold temperatures won’t cause any permanent damage to your jet ski.

Cleaning Your Jet Ski When You Didn't Use a Jet Ski Cover...

That will take care of the engine for the most part, but how about the exterior? Giving your machine a good bath every now and then will keep it shiny, clean, and looking great while you’re out on the water! After all, don’t you try and keep your car all spiffy to impress all your friends or co-workers? There are plenty of great marine or boat products available at your favorite boating store specifically designed just for this purpose, including some made for washing off salt water and reducing the risk of rust on both your jet ski and trailer. Also be sure to use some wax on your machine, just as you would your vehicle, and you’ll be proud to show off your jet ski wherever you go!

After all that, one of the best ways to keep it all shiny and new is by using a Jet Ski cover, specifically designed for your make and model of machine. They are incredibly useful, and make a huge difference in cleanliness and for other reasons. I would never suggest buying a jet ski without having a cover for it, and let me tell you why… For one, even for short trips driving down the road to your local lake or marina ramp there will be a ton of dirt kicked up on the road by your vehicle or trailers tires, or by other cars right next to you. Just imagine a long distance trip down to the Florida Keys or the Gulf of Mexico! Without having a form fitting Jet Ski cover, you will have some cleaning up to do when you arrive.

Sea Doo Fun

Avoid Bird Damage By Getting a Jet Ski Cover...

Another reason is birds… Need I say more? Birds are like dive bombers, always trying to score a perfect hit. There have been many a time that I did not have my Jet Ski cover on and regretted it later! It doesn’t even take very long at all, it may just be a few hours or less that you have it sitting around and when you come back it will have a few spots covered in white… With your Jet Ski cover, they will still hit that but at least you aren’t trying to scrape your seat off before getting on your jet ski… If you know what I mean!

The sun can also do incredible damage to your brand new jet ski, and if you are one of the crazy people who leave your jet ski exposed to the elements all year long then you absolutely HAVE to get a cover for your jet ski to make sure that the sun will not cause your colors and brightness to fade over time. This is especially true if you own a jet ski floating dock and keep your PWC in the water all the time. I’ve seen what exposure to the sun can do to both vehicles and to jet skis, and I always advise new owners to either make sure that they store their toy inside or to make sure that it’s always covered with a form fitting Jet Ski cover to keep out the elements.

Personally, I have a brand name Sea Doo Jet Ski cover exactly fitted for my GTX jet ski. They are a little more money than a generic brand, but I know that they fit exactly and are also very decorative and good looking. There are many lower cost brands or types out there in the market, and if you’re trying to save some money then definitely purchase one of them as opposed to getting nothing at all. I’ve taken long trips down to the Florida Keys with my Sea Doo Jet Ski and had tremendous amounts of fun with it riding around the waterways of that tropical paradise, and I’ve always used my Jet Ski cover when driving down. It is also more aerodynamic to have your cover on when driving at a highway speed, in addition to keeping birds and sun damage away. So in summary, if you’re going to spend all that money for a fantastic piece of machinery that you intend to keep for years to come, go ahead and invest a few extra dollars in maintenance with a jet ski cover. Your jet ski will thank you!

Sea Doo Braking System

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