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Best Low-Fare Airlines of 2017

Updated on October 8, 2017

10. Indigo

The most popular low-cost airline that is based in New Delhi is not popular in India only - they fly all across Asia. They own over 100 brand-new Airbus A320. Prices are always great with this one!

9. Southwest Airlines

This major U.S. airlines is probably the most popular choice for those who want to save some money. They have over 700 Boeing 737 airplanes. On all their 737 Next GEN aircrafts they have installed wi-fi which lets you track the flight for free (for full access you must pay 8$) and free television.

8. Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras

Azul Airlines were founded by David Neeleman – co-founder of JetBlue and WestJet. Most of their destinations are in Brasil but lately they have started offering flights to Europe and US. They fleet consist of new Airbus, ATR and Embraer airliners. Staff is great, seats are comfortable, international flights have IFE and complimentary earplugs.

7. AirAsia X – to those who don’t know, this company is a long-haul subsidiary of “AirAsia” (mentioned later). They are unique for their amazing premium cabins – flatbeds, complimentary meals, 40kg baggage allowance, one of the best in-flight entertainment systems which has hours of TV, movies, music, games and magazines.

6. Jetstar Airways – this airline is a subsidiary of another major airlines – “Qantas”. They don’t have premium cabins, although business class is an option. Their advantage is a fleet of brand-new Dreamliners. Frequent flyers probably know what that means – quieter flight, bigger windows, more comfortable seats, bigger legroom. If you’re flying in economy class, you’ll have to pay for IFE, but those who fly in business class will not only watch movies, TV and etc. for free, but will also get complimentary noise-cancelling headphones.

5. Virgin America – they have dropped by 3 places since last year but it’s still as good as before. They also take 5th place in Best North America Airlines list. It’s a bit sad that in 2019 they’ll be merged with Alaska Airlines. Their first class offers complimentary meal, internet, 220 V and USB plugs. What more do you need when you’re 35,000 ft high?

4. easyJet – even though it’s not as popular as “Ryanair” or “WizzAir” in Europe, their low prices are also very good. They don’t have premium cabins, all you’ll get with their Plus program is priority boarding, additional cabin bag and allocated seating. Not much, but at least you’re getting it all for a low price.

3. jetBlue Airways – recently jetBlue has launched very cheap tickets (just 99$ from NYC to Las Vegas or just 19$ for other destinations) and people love them. Even their Embraers have 36 channels of live TV (their A321s have over 100!), like ESPN, NBC, Cartoon Network and etc. jetBlue is also the only airline which provides high-speed internet at every seat for free! Great for such a low price!

2. Norwegian – the best low-cost airlines in the Europe. And probably not only there. Recently they have launched flights between US and Europe (Ireland mostly) starting at 149$ round-trip! Just like jetBlue, they offer free wi-fi for short-haul flights and IFE for long-haul flights. You can also book a premium-class seat which offers USB charger and outlet, better IFE, 3-course chef dinner and a lot of legroom.

1. AirAsia – for the 9th year in a row, this company is named the best low-cost airline. They have had a lot of accidents but over 15 years they’ve become the major Asia airline. You can’t book Premium Flatbed (like in AirAsia X flights), but prices are way lower. Service and food is also good. Nothing to complain about – book to see yourself.

This year first place was given to AirAsia


© 2017 Jurgis Zikaris


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