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Best Museums in Sweden

Updated on July 19, 2009

Swedish museums

 Sweden has some of the finest and elaborate museums in the world as there are more than 400 museums in Sweden. Best Museums in Sweden range from exhibitions of  antiquities, natural history, fine and industrial arts and crafts, design and everything in between. You can find everything from the diamond and gold dripping ‘Tre Kronor’ crown jewels to surstromming. Stockholm, Gothenburg and many towns have great museums in Sweden.

Vasa Museum Stockholm
Vasa Museum Stockholm

Sweden's best museums

 Gustavianum Museum in Sweden
Located in Uppsala, about 43 miles northwest of stockholm,  this museum houses one of the only seven ancient anatomical theaters in the whole world to get by on natural light. The most popular attraction is the Augsburg Cabinet of Curiosities, which is an ebony cabinet encrusted with gemstones and filled with drawers and secret spots in which the king placed his precious objects.

Leonardo da Vinci Museum

A museum created from the private collection of Kulenovic family. The chief treasure in this museum in Sweden is "The youngest Madonna" by da Vinci himself. Admission is just 4 US dollars. Plenty of exhibits like a drawing by Da Vinci, rare porcelain from the Topkapi palace in Istanbul, an abolutely gorgeous gem studded gold piece from Asia are also can be found.

Vitlycke Museum
Entrance to Vitlycke museum in Sweden is free. This museum documents the history of the rock carvings and offers tours to the real attractions. The Rock Carving tour guides you through the carvings of Bohuslan. close to the museum, there is a  Bronze age farm, a full scale reconstruction of a farm from the rock carvings era.

Vasa Museum in Stockholm
This is one of the best museums in Sweden located in the main city, Stockholm and a popular tourist attraction. The Vasa is the world's oldest known complete ship. It sank in the sea in 1628 and was salvaged in 1961 and was restored carefully. The sheer scale and the beauty of Vasa is stunning: almost 700 wooden sculptures and figures adorn her length and breadth. The museum tells the story of how she was built, how and why she sunk and how she was lifted from the murky depths of Lake Mälaren in Stockholm and then perfectly preserved for future generations to admire.

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Vasa Museum Stockholm Sweden

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