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Best Water Parks in Delaware

Updated on May 16, 2012

Here are some of the best water parks in Delaware including jungle jim's river safari, thunder lagoon water park, killens pond state park and white water mountain. Delaware water park has plenty of activities including water slides, kiddie pool, activity pool, go-karts, boating, fishing, swmimming, camping, rope climbing, playgrounds and picnic center. Water parks are a great family spot in summer and provide lots of fun and excitement for kids and adults. Feel free to post your experience in the comment section below.

List of best water parks in Delaware:

Jungle jim's river safari outdoor water park, DE
Jungle jim's river safari outdoor water park, DE

1. Jungle jim's river safari:

Jungle jim's river safari is an outdoor water park and is one of the best water parks in Delaware. It is located on Rehoboth beach, DE. It has master blaster uphill water coaster, kids spray ground, lazy river, activity pool, kiddie pool and rope climbing. Other additional fun activities in this park include go-karts, mini golf, bumper boats and batting cages. The park is open from memorial day weekend through labor day. General admission price for adults is $32 and children under 42" is $20. They have special discounts who enter the park after 4 pm.

Main attractions include:

  • Kiddie pool - It has many floating toys.
  • Activity pool - Small slides and water sprays.
  • Kid's spray ground - Water spray stations, fountains and water bubblers
  • Rope climbing - It is a water walk area and has lily pads and floating crocodile toy.
  • Bumper boats: It offers a ride in a pond and has mushroom water fall, elephant water spray and water guns.

2. Thundar lagoon water park:

Thunder lagoon water park is on Fenwick island
Thunder lagoon water park is on Fenwick island

This outdoor water park is located on Fenwick island. It is a combination of viking golf amusement park and thunder lagoon water park. It has water attractions, miniature golf, go-karts and popcorn center. The water park offers lazy river, kiddie pool, family pool, body slides and tube slides. The complex has various concessions and boardwalk. Admission price for adults is $22 and children is $12

Attractions in thundar lagoon water park:

  • Lazy river - It is a 400 foot long river offers a tube ride.
  • Activity pool - It has around 2800 square foot water play area.
  • Kiddie pool - 800 square foot area and has water spray stations, fountains and bubblers.
  • Water slides - Black hole body slide, twister doubles and enclosed slides

3. White water mountain:

Kids in the water spray area - White water mountain water park
Kids in the water spray area - White water mountain water park

Another best water park in Delaware is white water mounatin. White water mountain is one of a best family fun park in Delaware. It is a part of midway speedway park and includes fire mount golf and fun park attractions. The water park offers super fast slides, lazy river, activity pool, tropical deck for sunbathing, water umbrellas and olympic size recreational pool for kids and families to enjoy. The park also features 10 different styles of go-karts, fire mountain mini golf and climbing wall. They charge $17.99 for adults and children is $15.99. They have a discount price after 4 pm. Season pass is $125 per person. They have a preseaon pass at a low cost of $75.

4. Killens pond state park:

Killens pond park in Delaware
Killens pond park in Delaware

This muncipal water park is located on Felton, DE. It is a natural recreation center with 66 acre pond and offers many fun activities including boating, fishing and swimming. The park is open from may through september. Admission price is $2 per person.

Activities in this park include:

  • Kiddie pool - Lily pad fun walk, bubblers, ground water jets and small slides
  • Zero depth entry pool
  • Family pool
  • Camping
  • Biking
  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Playgrounds
  • Picnic area
  • Nature center

Killens pond water park in Delaware:

What is your favorite water park in Delaware?

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    • profile image

      amanda 3 years ago

      there r all awesome I wish I could go to one of them

    • mrpip profile image

      mrpip 5 years ago

      I took my kids to Jungle Jim's several years ago and we all really enjoyed it. Rehobeth Beach is a great family place and this Water Park is a great diversion from the beach scene.

      If you're interested in a great water park for young kids in NJ, see my hub on the Land of Make Believe: