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Best Water Parks in Illinois

Updated on June 19, 2012

Below is a list of best water parks in Illinois that includes raging waves, six flags, magic waters, caribbean water adventure, raging rivers, splash station, splash city, splash valley, key lime cove water paradise, splash down, coco key water park and grizzly jack's grand bear resort. Water parks provide hours of fun for kids and adults. It offers fun rides, thrill rides and wet rides. Many indoor and outdoor water parks are available in Illinois. Outdoor water parks are open in summer season, but indoor water parks we can enjoy whole year.

1.Raging waves water park:

Raging waves in Illinois
Raging waves in Illinois

Raging waves is one of the best water park in Illinois. It is an outdoor water park and opens from june through labor day. Crocodile mile is a family raft ride, drop off into a splash pool. PJ's plummet is a thrilling speed ride. Tasmanian twister is a vertical slide offers high speed. Platypus plunge is a tube ride. Cyclone starts from a funnel, continue in the bowl and finally shoot you into a cool pool. Boomerang is a favorite ride in this park. The great barrier reef is a wave pool, offers a continious waves. Kookaburra kreek is an endless lazy river.

The ol billabong is a swimming area for adults. Three sisters is an enclosed slides. Koala cove is a play zone for kids and offers many water splash and spray stations. Kangaroo falls is a family fun zone, a gaint tip bucket is present here, it dumps 1000 gallons of water. Children under 2 is free and seniors and children under 48" have reduced price. Water park offers private cabanas and they are available for rent.

2.Magic waters:

Magic water  tube ride
Magic water tube ride

It is located on Rockford, Illinois. It offers a lazy river with many funs on every bends. This 1,200 foot long river is a favorite zone for all age groups. Splash island is a kids play area and features four small water slides, water toys and dumping bucket with 1000 gallons of water. Tsunami bay is a wave pool offers different size of waves such as two body slides and 2 tube slides.

Splash blaster is a long slide. This semi closed slide offers a thrilling experience for visitors. Abyss is a enclosed, dark slide. It has many twist and turns. Typhoon terror is a bowl ride for thrill seekers. Operating hours are 10am to 6pm. Admission is free for under 12 months, $4.99 for 1 to 2 years, $17.99 for seniors, $16.99 for children and $23.99 for adults.

3.Raging Rivers:

Illinois raging river water park
Illinois raging river water park

This outdoor water park is located on Grafton. Operating hours are 10.30am to 6pm. It has 8 water attractions, including slides and pools. Breaker beach is a wave pool produces continious waves. Cascade body flume is a long slide and gives many twist and turns. Itty bitty surf city is a surf riding zone. Tree house harbor is a kids play area, has small slides, spray sations and dumping bucket.

Endless river is a relaxation zone for all age groups. Shark slide is kidde pool has a small slide looks like a shark. Runway rafts is a competitive ride and offers 6 lanes. Swril pool is a bowl ride and ends with a splash pool. Entry fees is $19.95 for adult, $16.95 for child and seniors and free children under 2.

4.Six Flags:

Six flags wet ride
Six flags wet ride

It is open from may to september. It offers many thrilling rides like dive bomber, hammerhead and barracuda, mega wedgie, tornado, wipeoot, paradise plunge and riptide. Buccaneer bay is a play area for kids, offers tipping bucket, spray jets, fountain and bubblers. Castaway creek is a lazy river. Hurricane bay is a wave pool and mansoon lagoon is a relaxation place for kids and adults. It has two play pools.

Riptide bay is a new attraction, it offers dive bomber, surf rider, mega wedgie, wipeout, mansoon lagoon and cabanas. Skull island is a 1,00,000 square feet play zone. It is a largest water playground in the world and has climbing slides, spray stations and many attractions. Ticket price is $59.99 for adult, $39.99 for child and free for chidren under 2.

5.Caribbean water adventure:

Water adventure in Illinois
Water adventure in Illinois

Another best water park in Illinois is caribbean water adventure. It features a 20,000 square feet wave pool. Caribbean wild river is a relaxation zone. For thrill seekers, it offers water slides. Devil ray water slide is a most thrillest ride in this park. They have a separate lake for boating. Some of the boating facilities include four seat pedal boats and bumper boats. Seal bay is a water play area for kids.

Other highlights of this park include mini golf, kiddie rides, go-karts, batting cages, a driving range and arcade. It is located on Springfield, Illinois. They charge $25.95 for adults, $19.95 for seniors and $4 for children.

6.Splash Station:

Tube ride
Tube ride

More water parks in Illinois:

It is located on Channahon Rd, Joliet. Opening hours are 11am to 6pm. Admission rates are $13 for adult, $9 for children and $12 for senior citizen. Milner's mountain is a competitive zone and has 200 foot long 6 lanes. Rattler and hot shot slides are open air and enclosed slides. 850 foot long lazy river is available here. Pelican pond is a zero depth pool for kids fun. Sandy play area is a most favorite attraction in splash station.

7.Splash City:

This outdoor water park offers many slides. Flow rider is a surf riding zone. Here body boards are available at free of cost. Mansoon mountain is a water playground for all age groups and offers many water sprays, small slides and water dumping bucket. The oasts is a swimming pool. Lazy river and wave pool is also available here. Charges $13 for 3 to 16 years, 55 and above $12.

8.Splash Valley:

It is the largest aquatic center in Kankakee. It offers various slides such as tube slide, body slide, kiddie and speed slides. Other attractions include swimming pool, lazy river and zero depth pool. Children interactive play area provide many water sprays to get wet for kids and children. Sand volleyball court is also available here. Operating hours are 11am to 7pm. Admission cost for 48 inches is $9, under 48 inches is $6 and free for age 3 and below.

9.Key lime cove water paradise:

Key Lime cove water park in Illinois
Key Lime cove water park in Illinois

It is a 65,000 square feet indoor water park and offers lazy river, wave pool, Toukie's big deluge, whirlpool spa, kids pool and interactive play station. Also they have body slides, tube slides and dump bucket looks like a pineapple. It is located at Gurnee, Illinois near Chicago and Milwaukee. Key lime water park also offers 414 hotel rooms and admission for hotel guests is also included.

10.Splash Down:

It is located on East Peoria. This water park is around 3 acres, it offers lazy river, activity pool, kiddie pool, three story tree house and tube slide. Splash tower island is a water play area with dumping bucket, water sprays, water guns and kiddie slides.

11.Coco Key Water Park:

Coco key tube ride
Coco key tube ride

It is an indoor water park around 60,000 square foot. It has three water slides such as shark slam, gator gush and barracuda blast. Activity pool and adventure river is also available. Play island is kids play area. It has many features like indoor and outdoor spa, callaloo grille, private cabanas, birthday party rooms and video game arcade.

12.Grizzly Jack's Grand bear resort:

kid standing near bear
kid standing near bear

It is a 24,000 square foot indoor water park and offers motion and sound adventure water slides, lazy river, children's play area, hot tub, arcade and wave pool. Also they have gourmet restaurant and on-site candy shop. It is located on Utica, IL. It opens from 9am to 10pm.

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Raging waves water park in Illinois:


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