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Best Weekend Car Rental

Updated on September 23, 2015

Many people opt for weekend car rental services as they need it for vacation or business trip. They get relatively lower rate on weekend because business people book cars for weekdays. As a result, many cars lie vacant on weekends. Therefore, companies offer best deals on weekends to influence their business.

Best Weekend Car Rental
Best Weekend Car Rental | Source

Procedure of Weekend Car Rental

The procedure of car rental may vary from company to company. The pickup option for car may also depend on the company policy. Some companies offer pickups on Thursday and other may on Friday or Saturday. If you pick the car a day before in the thought of it is included, then it may charge you extra. Most of the time weekend deals are applicable for weekend only. There can be extra charges for additional days.

You have to book your car in advance if your booking dates are during holidays. It is possible that you don’t even get the car on the desired weekend. Some of the companies also offer the option of one-way service. You can drive the car to your destination and leave to their branch. It is perfect way to visit your friends or family and you can return back with another weekend booking.

Advantages of Weekend Car Rental

  1. The biggest advantage of weekend car rental is the best deal at the lowest price.
  2. Most of the time weekend rental prices are lower than weekday rental. Still, you should search for the special offers prior booking your car.
  3. You can spend on holidays that you saved on weekend deal.
  4. Take a break from the hectic schedule and city life and spend some leisure time at the beach or somewhere pleasant.

Disadvantages of Weekend Car Rental

  1. It is difficult to get weekend car rental on school vacations because everyone wants to take their kids for vacations.
  2. SUVs and minivans cost more on weekends.

Things to be noted:

  1. Ask for the pickup schedule. It also varies from company to company.
  2. Most of the car rental service providers have the policy to deliver car by Monday morning. If you fail to do so, then you will be penalized by extra changes.
  3. Usually, car rental is cheaper on the weekend. Anyhow, SUV cars and minivans are comparatively expensive on weekends. So choose wisely, whether you need it or not.
  4. While booking your car with special offer check if there is any specification or not. Sometimes, special offers are meant for some specific locations only like airport or a particular state.
  5. You can check for the deals like buy two days and get one free. This way you can pick up the car on Friday.
  6. If you are going to be late to deliver car, then do inform them to half an hour before and ask for rebate. If they do not agree, then be ready to pay extra.

Check for any other restriction to your deal and read terms and conditions carefully to avoid any additional charges.


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