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Best of the Best North Seattle Local Businesses

Updated on March 29, 2012

The Famous Commercial - Definitely one of kind!


Stereo Warehouse

Stereo Warehouse has been around for nearly 20 years already, and has survived relentless North Seattle makeovers and economic hiccups. They're only main competition is car toys, which isn't much competition really.

"The Warehouse" as it's often known, is often remembered for their "We've stripped our prices naked" commercials were most of the staff stripped down and participated in making the commercial. They are also well known for having the best prices and the most options on car audio, security and accessories, as well as they're rockin installer crew who are there to make sure your car gets hooked up properly.

Some things you should know about the Warehouse:

  • They are completely local to Seattle, and not another corp chain
  • They are family owned (the boss, his sons and his father, all work there)
  • They will beat almost any price for stereo equipment or vehicle security
  • The Warehouse doesn't just carry speakers and radios. They have just about anything you could possibly want or need for your vehicle - Alarms, TV's, Backup Cams, Breathalizers, Woofers, Boxes, Car Air Freshener's and more. At one point they were also selling big screen tv's, which moved out so they could bring xbox's and playstations in. Who knows what crazy things they might have for you there.


PCC Natural Market - Greenlake

Honestly, when I really found out about the nasty treatment of food provided from mainstream grocery stores, I was not only appalled, but I felt stuck. Where could I go shopping without the worry or having to double check every little thing? Aside from being naturally food conscious, I also have two son's who have glutton intolerance's and other family members who are picky about what they eat. On top of that, I love eating healthy, but not at the cost of ALL of the flavor.

So, being aware of all that, when I found PCC, I felt like it was a message from the Goddess. "Go, shop here and be merry", is the message that seemed to travel to me. And shop I did, and shop I continued to do.

PCC started out in Seattle, and has expanded to a few near by cities. Still, they are local as you're going to get for grocery stores in Seattle, and they are ALL organic. And I LOVE organic shopping, though not nearly as much as I love how knowledgable their whole staff is. You can ask a clerk, bagger, chef or stocker, and all of them can help answer just about any question you might have - including most information about where the food your purchasing has come from. This saves time, whereas in other grocery stores you often have to wait for someone to get a manager who has to go check in a book to find the same info.

Some things you might like to know about PCC:

  • PCC is a "cooperative" grocery store that is self-funded, and open to the general public for both shopping and/or membership.
  • My favorite PCC is on Aurora just near Greenlake. The parking lot is small, but I've never not been able to find at least one parking spot.
  • PCC doesn't use any of those automatic or self-serve check out lanes. They don't need to, because they're staff rocks.
  • Outside of PCC is usually a "Real Change" newpaper provider. Real Change is a community action paper sold to the economically challenged for a few cents, so that they can get back on they're feet. Consider donating to whomever has the newspapers that day, the paper is worth it!
  • If you bring you're kids shopping with you, they are each allowed to pick 1 free fruit per day. My boys always get banana's =P

This painting by George Bellow's was recently released to the Tacoma Art Museum. How did I know? It's on the Cleaning Seattle blog =)
This painting by George Bellow's was recently released to the Tacoma Art Museum. How did I know? It's on the Cleaning Seattle blog =)

Cleaning Seattle

Sometimes you just don't feel like cleaning. Though if you're a parent, or a member of a larger household, or heck, even if you're in college and are too tired to clean - there are plenty of reasons you might consider getting a hold of a professional and affordable cleaning company in Seattle.

And why not Cleaning Seattle? Aside from their stellar reputation, they offer just about every type of cleaning you could need other than High Rise Window cleaning. Though that doesn't mean you can come to them with that sort of cleaning issue to be solved, as Cleaning Seattle prides itself on having connections just about any resource you could need.

Some things to know about Cleaning Seattle:

  • They have an interesting and engaging Fanpage on Facebook
  • The person who writes they're blog is amazing! I'm not sure how he always manages to find the most interesting events going on around Seattle, and the posts are never without amazing pictures or graphics of Seattle or something in Seattle.
  • Cleaning Seattle doesn't just "clean up", they're specialists at helping you manage your home and events.
  • If they can't specifically provide you with what you need, they know someone who can.


Dr. Greiner DDS

If you are like me, you can't afford dental insurance, and even if you could, they wouldn't want to accept you due to your delicate teeth and oral health issues requiring immediate care. If you are like me, you are tired of traveling up to hours away to see cheap dentists who will take you with bad credit, no insurance and payment plans. If you're like me, you've probably even had a few cosigners and several small loans just to try and keep your dental health somewhat healthy.

If you are like me, then you'll be happy to know that there are still a few places left, where the doctors are more concerned about their patients care, then they are about the immediate gratification of payment. There aren't many, and especially not in North Seattle. The few that are around, are great, but they are usually "low income" places, which are logical places for persons like myself to gravitate towards. However, it sucks to be reminded of just how poor you are, when you are already nervous about getting onto that dentist chair.

A few months ago, I was complaining to a friend about my horrible molar pain and the cost and craziness of dental care in Seattle, when she told me that her dentist should be able to help me out. And not just in dental care, but in paying for that dental care. It seemed to good to be true until I went in to see Dr. Greiner. Truthfully, I was surprised to see that their elegant office was decorated in various collections of Seattle related bobble-head dolls, a giant pirate ship (behind glass), and they were blasting oldies 95.7 on the radio, which pretty much everyone was humming along too.

I brought my then 6 month old into the office with us, which is usually a mistake in dental offices, but it was great at Dr. Greiners. They gave him a special baby toothbrush, talked to us about teething issues and didn't hesitate to give my baby tons of attention while I had my exam, which he loved.

Dr. Greiner himself came into to see me, wearing a dark blue hawaiian type button up shirt and a smile on his face. He gave me a complete oral check up for half the price of everywhere else I had been, and he made sure to ask what I would like to have done, instead of just throwing remedies at me. He then asked for some time to consider the best options for me, considering my poor teeth condition and lack of monetary supplies. It was only a week later when his secretary called me back and let me know they were ready to see me and discuss 'the plan'.

Now, there are some things you should know before taking that hop, skip or jump over to Lake City to see Dr. Greiner:

  • They do not do extractions
  • They do offer the citi payment plan
  • Dr. Greiner is more than just a "dentist", he is a Periodontist, Cosmetic Dentist and Pediatric Dentist.
  • Dr. Greiner's business is eco-friendly, which has earned them the 4 star Envirostar Greenworks Business award.
  • Dr. Greiners staff are all a part of his family (literally), so it's very homey and comfortable there, unlike many busy and disconnected dentist offices.
  • At Dr. Greiners, everyone continues their dental education, so you're likely to experience many more options for your dental health and care, then you would at other places.


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