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Best ways to travel and plan a vacation

Updated on May 8, 2014
West Hollywood
West Hollywood | Source

Let's get the packing started!

First things first!while packing make sure to know whats the weather going to be like at the place you are visiting. Now what exactly to put in your hand carry??To answer this I will explain you in detail according to the TSA guidelines. Other than these guidlines below do make sure that you have all your necessary gadgets and chargers as you will need them.

Carry-on Policy

The TSA 3-1-1 policy limits the amount of liquid permitted in carry-on luggage to a single, quart size bag filled with 3.4 oz. or smaller containers of liquid per passenger. The bag must be clear and plastic with a zip top and all liquid containers must fit comfortably inside the bag with the zipper closed. Remove the bag of liquids from your carry-on bag and place it in a security bin to be X-rayed separately upon arrival at the TSA security checkpoint.

Carry-on Exceptions

Certain liquid items may exceed the TSA's 3-1-1 requirements based on medical need. All prescription and over-the-counter medications are exempt from the rule, as are water, juice and dietary liquids for passengers with medical conditions. Breast milk, formula and baby food are allowed in larger quantities when traveling with a young child. All items that exceed 3.4 oz. must be declared at the TSA checkpoint and additional screening procedures, including those requiring the opening of containers, may be performed.

Additional Carry-on Considerations

The TSA considers gels and aerosol items as liquids as part of its 3-1-1 program, including food items such as peanut butter, soft cheeses, cranberry sauce, jellies, spreads, dips or syrups. Travelers with gel inserts must remove the inserts before travel, as they are not permitted past the security checkpoint. However, the TSA website notes that shoes with gel-filled heels are accepted when removed and screened separately. Gel candles and snow globes of any size are not permitted through the TSA checkpoint at any time.

Checked Baggage

The TSA encourages passengers to pack liquids in their checked luggage as there are significantly fewer restrictions on the type of liquids that may be placed in checked bags. There is no limit to the size or amount of liquid items for checked baggage. In addition, items such as gel candles, snow globes and gel-filled shoe inserts are allowed in checked baggage. Flammable liquids and dangerous chemicals such as bleach and chlorine are forbidden in checked baggage.

Best way to do packing!

Lets get the Itenary !

Traveling can be extremely fun if you plan ahead of time and get your airline tickets, rental car and hotel sorted. Let's jump right in and begin with first step of getting airline ticket. Tickets an be really expensive and could use up a lot vacation expense money in just booking your flight if you don't do it right. So whats the best way? First pick out dates that you will be traveling , and then you can go from there. I will use my own personal example , I knew that i wanted to travel to Los Angeles from Houston, so I planned my trip two months in advance. I would suggest using websites like or . Make sure to create your profile enter your airline rewards or mileage number. It is said that the best time to book tickets is Tuesdays ( early morning around 3am or 4am) sometimes you have to keep checking but with my experience it has worked.One more thing I would like to add here is make sure to set trip alerts on what ever website you choose, wither orbits,kayak or what so ever you choose. The reason you do that is once you choose trip alert it keeps on sending you updates on the airline prices for the dates you have specifically picked. I got my round trip ticket to LAX from IAH for 185 round trip .I also purchased the travel insurance ( just incase something bad happens or I need to cancel my trip I can get my refund), without the insurance its usually within 24 hours you could cancel your ticket. For me that was a great deal, I then had to get a rental car for 7 days and you know how that could cost a lot too.

Best car rental deals

In order to get a bargain deal on car rentals I again went on and search for car rentals and while choosing car rental, I made sure I choose the pick up time appropriately. For example if you arrive at your destination at 10am, don't choose pick up time 10:15am because luggage and claim takes a bit then the rental car shuttle takes little time to get there at the stop outside the airport and then it drops you off to the rental location , even then you have to wait in line and wait to be assisted as its usually busy. I would suggest if your arrival is 10am at your destination choose 11am as your rental car pick up time. I got my rental car for 7 days for USD $77 ,although they did hold about USD $154 dollars as a deposit and they also charged around USD $50 in addition to the rental fee but that was refundable the conditions were that if I had filled the gas tank completely then i get my money refunded otherwise I would loose that money. While choosing the car rental make sure if your are party of 2 or 3 with people of different ages make sure the person who is 25 years of age gets the car rental , otherwise there is quite a fee for underage car rental.I think under 21 can not even get a rental car but I could be wrong about that, but I do know with my experience that they will charge you some fee if you are not 25 . Then there is another fee that you could save which is car insurance , most car rental companies require you to buy car insurance which is usually an extra $9 to $25 or more per day, which you can save if you use your own cars insurance. I have comprehensive coverage on my car and I had to make sure that rental car were covered on my policy, you can also do so by calling your car insurance provider. To choose the type of car I would suggest that compact cars are cheaper , but I feel economy or midsize cars are much worth it if you are on a vacation and want to enjoy your music because this time when I got my car which was Toyota Yaris, it was a small car , I guess a little bigger then a smart car. It was a good deal but it did not have a place to put the auxiliary cable in order for me to connect to my phone and listen to my songs and also hear the directions on GPS (as in California it's a law to not drive and hold the phone) if you drive and hold the phone you can get a pretty heavy ticket. So again it all depends on your priority and budget for renting a car.

west hollywood

get directions

Things to carry

Things to have
party wear
t shirts
phone charger
collar shirts
contact lense solution
flip flops
sun glasses

Best ways to travel

This video will explain you in detail , the best means to travel and best ways to save money while traveling since traveling can be a little costly at times. So this is exactly for you if you plan to travel now or in few months then get all your ducks in one row and get ready for an amazing vacation.


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    • bizg profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from USA

      Thank you so much for the kind words , I appreciate it!

    • myefforts profile image


      4 years ago from Lahore

      This is quite an information for all those planning to travel. Everything gathered at one place. Good work indeed...


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