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Antigua Property Buying Guide

Updated on October 30, 2017
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Calvin Crane is a destination expert for Antigua. Extensively exploring the island he has hiked sailed kayaked and fished the place.

Places of Interest For Property Buyers

See below as we detail 3 key areas to start your search in Antigua. Jolly Harbour, Galley Bay Heights and the South.

Quick Buying Guide

If you want to get a quick guide to the relative costs involved then it is very roughly speaking as follows:
An application for a Non Citizen Land Holder License is required. This can take a couple of months to obtain and costs around 5% of the purchase price.
A 2.5% transfer fee to the Antigua Government.
As a buyer you don't have a Real Estate Fee. You will however need a professional Lawyer to handle the purchase in a proper fashion.

Windward Estates

Windward estate in Antigua is located on the land area roughly between English Harbour Pigeons Beach and Windward Bay. The area is undergoing heavy development right now but some properties are completed. Some developments are eligible for the Citizenship Investment Programme. Reasons to search here for your property would be location near the community of English Harbour where you have many fine restaurants and the boats of English Harbour a most historic part of the Caribbean and Antigua. Pigeon Beach is a fantastic beach to enjoy with the family. The area is one of natural beauty and development will be tasteful and pleasing to the eye. No doubt these developments will rival Galley Bay Heights and the immediate area is more lively and interesting.

Windward Estate Antigua

Jolly Harbour

Jolly Harbour covers a range of properties from 2 bedroom and sometimes single bedroom apartments. There are high end properties here too but it isn't top of your list if you are looking for a secluded option. Your neighbours might not be too close, it's a very personal space thing. That doesn't mean there are not developments nearby like reeds point to consider.
Jolly Harbour is Antigua's gated marina community- in a relaxed style of course. You get their own (Jolly Harbour Marina's) electricity supply which has better backup than the rest of the island. It does cost more and you do have to pay a fee to cover the community facilities which include a swimming pool, tennis courts- oh yes and golf. The island the jolly harbour island is still under development with scrub land still available to purchase.

Jolly Harbour Antigua

A markerjolly harbour antigua -
Jolly Harbour, Antigua and Barbuda
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'Gated community' is not really the right word, a community it is but it doesn't feel like it is secured as much as an equivalent electric gated one.

Galley Bay Heights

An exclusive address!

It's hard to find a better address in the world than GBH. With neighbours like Georgio Armani its code for exclusive and stylish luxury. Located in Antigua's west side of the island and close to the port and capital St Johns and yet far enough away for peace and exclusivity. It is also home to the luxury resort sharing the same name.

Deluxe villas are available to rent and to buy (24,000 USD will get you a weeks stay). If you are looking for high end Caribbean property then you should take this pro tip to have this address on your shortlist. You won't find bars and restaurants in this part of Antigua. This is a place for living well.

Galley Bay Heights Map

Galley Bay Heights Antigua

South Antigua

Falmouth, English Harbour and the South

A popular place with expats though still locals alike is the south of Antigua.

The south settled with many from the sailing industry and those who love to live on land close to one of the world's premier sailing locations for that sailing vibe. Jolly Harbour does challenge the mind when deciding where to live if you are a sailor, but for everyone else it means that the infrastructure has already been built within the area. A higher density of restaurants and supermarkets (in JH) is a good indicator.
There are less spaces to be found in this part of Antigua but there are still many new developments! Antigua has never been overdeveloped unlike some other Caribbean islands.

Pigeon Beach Antigua

Standing proud at the entrance to English Harbour
Standing proud at the entrance to English Harbour | Source

Falmouth Harbour Antigua

A markerfalmouth antigua -
Falmouth, Antigua and Barbuda
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A major yachting hub in the Caribbean and Antigua.

Living in Antigua

How is it living with Antiguans?

The Antiguans have a reputation for being laid back and friendly. There is a fantastic rapport with expats on the island. They don't really consider that you are an expat and will become assimilated into the 'islander' group of people. This is a major selling point for investors who are looking to escape the winter.
If issues arise it is due to Hospitals and a lack of first world standards that you would find in Canada and The USA. Education as well is not trusted. In fact you find that expats and Antiguans make an effort to get some schooling abroad for their kids. You could be schooled in Antigua and never have any issues of course. They probably teach the way things used to be taught as with all things in Antigua - time is slow. And for me that means better!

Activities in Antigua and Barbuda

Things to do in Antigua might differ if you are resident vs vacationing. Of course water activities features highly in any Caribbean island, Antigua is no different. You might find that Jolly Harbour is very similar to Puerto Rico in that at weekends it is very typical thing to take the sport boat out to a beach or go have a fish. The scuba diving gets a bad rap in Antigua and let me tell you it's wrong. I often spot sharks on dives and yes topographically it doesn't have massive canyons caves or walls and few wrecks but it is still good diving.

Sea Fishing and Boating

Fishing is very good and you can find charters to take you out for a day of trolling. As an Antigua property owner you might also have your own sport boat - take yourself out to cades reef for some lure fishing.

Food and Drink

On land you will find that Antigua has fantastic places to eat and drink, and you won't get bored, drive another 10 minutes and you find another 3 restaurants to discover. Sheer Rocks is the one disrupting the top of the dining tables currently.

Squid Antigua
Squid Antigua

What is your favourite part of Antigua ?

What part of Antigua would you prefer your property

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