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Bhatta Falls: Taking a Day Off for a Date with Nature

Updated on August 29, 2012
The Scenic Beauty of Bhatta Falls
The Scenic Beauty of Bhatta Falls

Bhatta Falls is a beautiful place to Visit near Dehradun

Many who go to Bhatta Falls get tempted to take a bath under this beautiful waterfall. Around 18 miles away from Dehradun on the Dehradun-Masoori road, 'Bhattafalls' and its scenic beauty attracts thousands of tourists everyday. If you are visiting India, certainly have a schedule to visit Uttarakhand. The beauty of this mountainous state lies in the fact that your travel gets enriched by the unforgettable moments of nature with reasonable amount of safety. I have traveled most part of the Garhwal region of the state on a motorbike with my husband and kid and it was a lot of fun.

Coming back to Bhatta Falls, on your way to Mussoorie from Dehradun Road, take an off on your left at around 4 miles from Mussorie. The lane that takes you till the fall is steep and slippery with rolling pebbles. So, it is dangerous to drive. Be careful both going down and coming up. After around 1.6 miles on such a road, you can seen the beautiful fall and hearing the noise of the falling water is itself quite tempting.

Although a couple of eateries are there, if you are in a group take your own food along as in those shops you may get only a few options like boiled eggs, noodles and soups. Having a picnic on the spot is enjoyable. The local authorities have installed some swings for children also.

It is enjoyable to take a bath there. Probably the only nuisances are the stray dogs. You can enjoy a cup of coffee there, look the water falling amidst beautiful mountains and jump into the water to be a part of that.

Reaching Bhatta Falls is not difficult. You can go by a bus and trek down till the spot. Hire own vehicle and go up to the spot. There is no moral policing about dress codes. So, wear whatever you find comfortable.

You can enjoy the spot throughout the year except rainy days, although even rainy days have their own sense of beauty. Please keep in mind that in July and August, due to heavy rains, landslides and falling of roadside trees, the communication gets disrupted. But, if you are fond of adventures, take your backpack and go ahead.

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