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Big Ben Is Elizabeth Tower?

Updated on September 3, 2013

But there are some things that were aimed to last forever; among them I put some historical sites that identify the place like world famous Eiffel tower, statue of Liberty etc.

Let's start this way: when you think of London what is the first picture that comes to your mind. - I can say, it is probably Buckingham palace or a world famous clock also known simply as Big Ben. Nevertheless, ordinary people don't do anything and as we have noticed there is no democracy in any country by now.

England has proved that royalty was and is higher substitution than any other in England. It is fun now to understand that Sex Pistols appeared to be fortune teller when sang "God Save the Queen" because indeed her majesty is the only name to be heard throughout the country.

The scandal rose recently, on 11th Of September, 2012, when a group of relevant people decided to rename a world famous monument Big Ben into Elizabeth tower. It might sound hilarious but is true, English change names of existing landmarks in order to attract tourists or maybe there are too many of them so they are trying t confuse them by changing most popular sites, so they won't find them.

Obviously, the name of the queen is very famous but Big Ben is also not the last name to be associated with London. It can turn out as a very profitable change in English tourism, and if it does what it will lead to? We will rename statue of Liberty into a statue of Obama, Eiffel Tower into Olland Tower, Easter Island into Pinochet Island and Kremlin into Putinin?

Well, as I said living in XXI century we get used to many interesting things, we hope to remake Big bang in android collider, we look for aliens and teach our kids to use internet before reading. At the end of a day we can only hope that these changes will be positive and even if not we'll got used to them.

What do you think about the changes?

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