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Billabong Backpackers Resort

Updated on July 6, 2011

Accommodation in Perth WA

I thought staying at the Billabong Backpackers Resort would be really nice as it is like a resort with a big pool , deck chairs etc so after work you can relax in the fresh air  and when I was outside before/ after work I felt like I was on holiday.

There are some nice aspects of the place such as private balconies for fresh air , private bathrooms in each room saving you the hassle of taking your key everytime you needed the bathroom etc.

When it comes to cooking you have to give in your keys in exchange to use a frypan etc .so that the kitchen gear does get washed.

If you are older and not into being rowdy, getting drunk the younger ones dont want you in their rooms and for no reason that you are given you get asked to leave  and hassled until you do.

That is hard to take when you go out of your way to fit in with everyone , not complain about the managers talking loudly outside your room at 2 am with drunks etc.

The dodgy shower  we had in one roomwas fixed within a couple of days to be fair.

They often have large groups that get away with being VERY noisy - swearing, drinking in the hallway and keeping you awake till VERY LATE and they get preference over the backpackers.

I would say that you need to be a whinger etc to keep the staff happy, get in first with complaints to be the one to be allowed to stay.

My mistake was trying to fit in with everybody , be nice and not complain about anything here .

I had one overseas visitor come in & within minutes was on the phone whinging about Perth , the weather and she liked to sleep in till lunchtime.

I didnt turn on the light , trying to be considerate , opened the blinds a bit so I could see , however she likes it dark as a bats cave till lunchtime so that would be why she wanted to move.

Loved the pool area for relaxing and unwinding after work
Loved the pool area for relaxing and unwinding after work

Reviews from Billabong Backpackers Resort Perth

DO NOT STAY HERE‎ By A TripAdvisor Member - 12 Nov 2006 I would never recommend this hostel to anyone! As it was described as a bright and friendly hostel in a popular travel guide for Perth, my boyfriend and I checked in for two nights.

When we arrived we were dealt with by abrupt staff to say the least. We had booked a six bed dorm and when we got to the room we were horrified. The room was unacceptably dirty and had not been cleaned or checked by hostel staff in a very long time. The people already in there had obviously been there for a very long time and did not care about hygine.The bathroom was dirty and the security was terrible.

When we asked whether we could change rooms the staff said that it was not possible for that evening and offered no further help. Therefore we checked straight out of the hostel and got our money refunded.

I have stayed in hundreds of hostels whilst traveling and no hostel has ever been so bad that I have had to check out that same day........apart from this one.

The (billabong managment)sign saying quite after 11pm dosent mean anything. And at 1240pm one of the workers was the loudest of the bunch. There is no respect for anyone trying to sleep after 11pm, so beware Extremely rude and unhelpful staff (except two of them who were friendly), everything seemed like a bother for them to help with. About 15-20minute walk into the town centre. Were meant to stay for 10nights but checked out after 4 and got a better place elsewhere Average facilities, staff were quite rude and vaguely helpful. All the cleaners are backpackers working for their rent because they have no money so if they were out boozing the night before then dont count on a good service.

By A TripAdvisor Member - 28 Feb 2009 All I can say is that this is one of the best and most catered-for backpackers that I've been to, and I've been all across Australia. It has got everything you want from a hostel. The rooms are clean, have air-con and en-suite bathrooms.By A TripAdvisor Member - 23 Dec 2008 Having read the reviews from other travellers on Trip Advisor about being collected from the airport, I was not at all surprised - when the "Billabong Resort crew" informed me - they could not collect me from the airport .

Worst Place have ever stayed‎ By A TripAdvisor Member - 16 Dec 2008 Billabong Backpackers Resort? What a [--] hole!The rooms are dirty, hair on the quilts & sheets.$20 deposit! [--] sheets with stains.Carpet looked like it had never been cleaned.Broken Bathroom Door Knob.Breakfast from large buckets on a dirty bench.


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    • freecampingaussie profile image

      freecampingaussie 7 years ago from Southern Spain

      The rooms are ok, loved having a balcony , en suite and the pool .

      Other weeks we all got on great in the room and the days that the groups were not there it was better.

      Everyone will have diferent experiences .

    • Rochelle Frank profile image

      Rochelle Frank 7 years ago from California Gold Country

      From the one glowing assessment, I guess it's safe to assume that one should not believe all they read in hotel reviews.

    • attemptedhumour profile image

      attemptedhumour 7 years ago from Australia

      Haven't been to Perth since 1977. I've got a good mate over there who i'll be catching up with one day but i'll be stearing clear of that place. Thanks for the warning.