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Bluewater Mall Uk - Stylish Interior Super Shops and Bargains Galore

Updated on June 1, 2012

Bluewater At Night

Built within a disused quarry, arrival at Bluewater feels like arriving at a special hidden city.
Built within a disused quarry, arrival at Bluewater feels like arriving at a special hidden city. | Source

Bluewater Shopping Centre is Stunning

Opened in 1999, Bluewater resides within an ancient quarry site 17 miles from London. Easy to reach along the M25, clearly signposts Bluewater and is London's most famous highway, you will want to visit this amazing shopping centre as part of your travels to the UK.

Bluewater Concourse Level


Top Three Bluewater Shopping Highlights

Stunning Interiors at Bluewater

Updating Romanesque architecture and interpreting it with a modern, glossy feel, the interior of Bluewater shopping centre is very cool indeed. Wide mall space allows all shoppers to move freely without the feeling of crowding, while those with mobility issues can navigate easily between all levels.

Fashionable Crowds

Bluewater attracts fashionistas from all over the world, keen to grab the styles from London's famous chain stores. Bluewater is the fourth largest shopping mall in the UK, so each store attracts the leading and latest lines. What most locals find when shopping in the UK, is if you don't get that item you have fallen in love with the moment you see it, everyone else has grabbed it off the rails already. Bluewater gives you more of a chance of getting those key fashion items at bargain prices.

Shopping Bluewater Gives You Thrills

You can get there by public transport, but car travel is the best option. Parking is free all day, so you can keep going back and loading up the vroom with your bargains and save yourself some major armstrain. It is worth taking a camera with you, as the atmosphere and scenic view you see driving down the curling road towards the shopping centre is breathtaking. You will feel as if some alien city has been built at the bottom of a meteorite crash site. The shopping centre's location is truly inspired. The thrill you feel upon arriving makes you want to reward the futuristic designers with some of your hard earned cash! Consider your bargain hunting a donation to great British architecture!

Which Store Would You Visit First?

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Bluewater Romanesque Stairwell

The wide mall space is great for those who have mobility issues.
The wide mall space is great for those who have mobility issues. | Source

Shops to Stop By and Inhale in Bluewater

The three largest stores have a history of 450 years of trading in the UK combined:

House of Fraser: previously known as Army and Navy, this is designer heaven. If you want something expensive this store has Gucci, Donna Karen, MaxMara, Swarvrowski, Christian Dior, Chanel and all major designers. Recently, they've begun catering to the teen fashionista introducing affordable lines from cool youth culture ranges such as Superdry and Obey. Additionally, they've diversified their concession range to include Whistles, Monsoon, Jaeger and Karen Millen, which translates to a more affordable designer dress range. Whistles, for example, is famous for being the place to secure a figure flattering and stylish summer dress for women in their 30s plus. Unfortunately what I find is that the minute the dress is out my high street competitors - rather aggressive Surrey mothers with cash to spare and no job apart from looking after their children - have snaffled it. Usually I can find the dress in Bluewater due to the stocking power of it's largeness, so that's why it is good to go there. Additionally, I can usually outrun the pram pushers.

John Lewis: This UK store chain is famous for making it's employees shareholders in the company. You can see the impact of this immediately by the unusual, trendy and wide range of thoughtful products in the store, as the employees feedback meaningfully what sells, what quality is, and what is stylish right now. John Lewis has all the usual concessions for fantastic clothes, and if you manage to wander into another part of the store, make sure it is homeware. The incredible range of home furnishings, home solutions, home electronic gadgets and delightful gifts means that if you are stuck in the UK and away from home for Christmas or some other special occasion, it is possible to find that unique UK product to post to relatives back home. Such is the immense talent pooled by the John Lewis buyers and employee feedback system, every year I find that special gift for the person I find most hardest to buy for.

Marks and Spencer: If you visited Marks and Sparks, as it is known locally, ten years ago, you would have been unimpressed by the clothing range. It used to be a cross between mad old Dorothy down the road and Geoff the war veteran lawn bowls champion in his 90s. Something magical happened in 2004 when Kate Bostok joined as Director of Womenswear. She lit a fire under the buyers, and applied a keen eye for fashion, so that now, if you are between 30 and 60 you can find the most gorgeously appropriate outfit for summer parties, workwear, the office christmas party or an English wedding with ease and reliability. The prices are really affordable, and since Ms Bostok was promoted to the board of M&S as Executive Director of General Merchandise, I have really seen the difference as a consumer most especially in the shoe department. I can now always, without fail, find a good fitting pair of shoes for any occasion in the amply stocked Marks and Spencer shoe department. Add the Bluewater purchasing power factor and it's "Ladies, start your engines!"

BBC TV Screening of Masterchef's Greg Wallace and John Torode

Yep! I was there! The TV studio at Bluewater for live productions. You can buy a ticket on the day or in advance.
Yep! I was there! The TV studio at Bluewater for live productions. You can buy a ticket on the day or in advance. | Source

Other Bluewater Attractions - Cinema and Exhibitions

Now I've only reviewed the three largest stores in Bluewater, and there are 330 stores in Bluewater to discover, along with restaurants ranging from sit down takeaway Japanese sushi bars to fine dining three course establishments. There is a cinema complex at Bluewater with the latest movies on show, and plenty of entertainment and its own TV studio. You can always buy tickets on the day to be part of the latest cinema experience or be part of the studio audience for a BBC or British TV channel. There are regular exhibitions of trade and industry products where you can wander around and try new things if the topic interests you. Recently they've had food and wine; mother and childcare products and English produce.

Bluewater Shopping Centre, located in Kent, UK is worth a visit primarily because you will grab all the gorgeous clothes and gifts you have seen in London with comfort, ease and in style.


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  • Nell Rose profile image

    Nell Rose 5 years ago from England

    Hi, I never realised that it was built on a quarry! I have never visited it yet, but hopefully one of these days I will get to shop there! sounds like a great day out to explore, cheers nell

  • profile image

    mts1098 5 years ago

    a huge shopping facility...I am not much of a mall shopper but it would make great exercise walking around...cheers...

  • wayseeker profile image

    wayseeker 5 years ago from Colorado


    I'm not much of a shopper, but I do have to say you've made this place look VERY attractive. Your layout here is wonderfully engaging, and the information provided helps me get a sense of what the options are (most of which I knew nothing about before reading this).

    It's interesting to see a flourishing mall. Most malls are dying here across the pond in the US. They are falling in favor of outdoor shopping centers. I'm not so certain I care for the trend myself, but no one asked me--not that I would expect them to given how often I go shopping!

    Beautiful layout here...good work!


  • Robie Benve profile image

    Robie Benve 5 years ago from Ohio

    Cool, it sounds like the destination for a great shopping trip! :)

  • fpherj48 profile image

    Paula 5 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

    Eliza...."Shopper's Paradise?" Sounds like an entire day of a truly enjoyable time!!