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Boracay Spa -- List of Spa Resorts, Prices and Reservations

Updated on August 24, 2010
Boracay Island Philippines
Boracay Island Philippines

Boracay Spa

The main purpose of going to a vacation trip in the beautiful island of Boracay would be relaxation. A summer vacation trip should always be all bout being free from worry and to just be at peace both physically and mentally. These could all be achieved by knowing the right places to go to while in Boracay.

Boracay isn't really all about the nightlife and the partying. Another part of it is the relaxation and appreciation of the beauty of the island. There are a lot of spa resorts in Boracay that can make all this possible. You can finally unwind and just be free from stress. You deserve it. And this is why in this article I will be giving examples of boracay spa resorts that is perfect for your holiday vacation trip.

Mandala Spa Boracay
Mandala Spa Boracay

Mandala Spa & Villas

Mandala Spa & Villas has a very relaxing ambiance and is perfect place to stay for those who want to relax. It is truly more than just relaxation of the mind but also of the body because Mandala Spa & Villas use only natural products in their spa. They have many amenities and activities like yoga, swimming, and of course different kinds of massages that will heal and relax your body. They have detox and treatment programs that will leave your body and mind in harmony.

Hot Stone Massage in D'Spa Boracay
Hot Stone Massage in D'Spa Boracay

D'Spa Boracay

D'Spa offer many different kind of specialty massages at affordable prices.

  • Full Body Massage for 600 pesos
  • Body Mask for 900 pesos
  • Hair Spa for 450 pesos
  • Body Scrub for 900 pesos
  • Hot Stone Massage for 1,300 pesos
  • Ear Candling for 250 pesos
  • Ventosa Massage for 800 pesos

Tirta Spa Boracay
Tirta Spa Boracay

Tirta Spa

There are holistic treatments and therapies that can be found at Tirta Spa in Boracay. These are designed for different needs and surely there is one that will suit yours.

  • Filipino Healing¬†
  • Gentleman's Quarter
  • The Rennaisance of Beauty
  • Before and After Sun Treatment
  • Tirta's Wedding Rituals

Boracay Shangri-La
Boracay Shangri-La

Boracay Shangri-La

The famous Boracay Shangri-La has the amazing Chi, The Spa that, aside from the beauty of the hotel, will surely give you that ultimate relaxation that you are looking for.

  • Chi Balance Massage for 5,800 pesos
  • Mystical Flowing River Massage for 5,800 pesos
  • Element Vitality Massage for 6,000 pesos
  • Himalayan Healing Stone Massage for 6,500 pesos
  • Yin Yang Couples Massage for 9,800 pesos

Boracay Spa

Boracay is a beautiful island with beautiful surroundings and beautiful people. It is the perfect place to relax and be free from worry and just unwind. These Boracay spas will give you that and more. This is really what a vacation trip should be all about. Your mind and body will be stronger than ever and you will have holistic healing and relaxation. Make sure you plan and get your Boracay spa reservations before going to Boracay so that you will be able to save and at the same time your budget will allow you to do more in your stay in the beautiful Boracay island in the Philippines.


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    • profile image

      richard hunt 7 years ago

      Yep, really nice spa on the quieter end of the beach. Susan and I went back over and over again during a 9 day stay on the island - highly recommend it. Quaint, peaceful, and not over-priced- just right.

    • jojones55 profile image

      jojones55 7 years ago from Asia

      This is a great article, really well laid out, thanks. I would just like to add the newest spa called Bella Isa. It is at the south end of White Beach