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Botswana Wildlife Safari

Updated on October 22, 2011

Botswana is situated in Southern Africa land locked between other countries of the continent. Botswana is one of the most prosperous and advanced countries of the African continent. Although 70% of the country is a desert called Kalahari Desert yet, the country has boosted its economy a great deal. Botswana is famous for its mining industry and has one of the world’s most famous diamond mines.

The most important industry that has really boosted Botswana’s economy is the tourism industry. Botswana safaris are one of the most famous in the whole world and people visiting Africa put a Botswana Safari in their priority list.

There are many wonderful places in Botswana and there are many top quality places to enjoy your African Safari. The places like; The Okavango Delta, The Moremi Game Reserve, Chobe National Park, Kalahari Game Reserve are some the most famous places to visit in your Botswana Safari.

Here in this article I will provide some info on these famous places mentioned above. All of these places are the best places to visit when going on a Botswana Safari. So it would be wonderful to know a little about these places before seeing them upfront.

Sites from a Botswana Safari
Sites from a Botswana Safari
The Okavango Delta
The Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta is the world’s largest inland delta and is a top spot to visit during your Botswana Safari. The whole delta covers and area of 15,000 sq km. The Okavango River mostly terminates in this area flooding the whole region.

In addition to the regular flooding, rainfall can drastically increase the size of this water body, up to 22,000 sq km. The delta is at its peak flooding between the months of March and July. During this period the area receives most of its rainfall, thereby increasing the area of the Okavango Delta.

The delta also encapsulated The Moremi Game Reserve and it is one of the best places to see wildlife population. Animals like; Hippopotamuses, crocodiles, buffalo, Rhinoceroses, elephants, antelope and large number of other plant eating animals, can be very easily found in the region. There are over 500 species of birds in this area and the Okavango River also brings a number of different aquatic lives into the delta.

If you want to visit the area for a Safari then visiting after May is the best time as the flooded delta starts to dry up so navigation through the terrain will be easy.

Chobe National Park
Chobe National Park

The Chobe National Park

The ChobeNational Park is situated in North West Botswana. It is the third largest Park in Bostwana and is famous for its large game population. The area is near to the Okavango Delta and is also a must place to visit in your Safari.

The ChobeNational Park also has some diverse animal habitat and it is really wonderful to watch these beautiful animal right in front of you. The park is also very famous for its huge elephant concentration and is considered to be the largest in Africa.

A part from the huge elephant population, other wild animal can also be seen like; lions, leopards, wild dogs, antelopes, hippopotamuses, buffalos and crocodiles.

The Moremi Game Reserve
The Moremi Game Reserve

The Moremi Game Reserve

The Moremi Gane Reserve is also a large national park in the Okavango Delta region. It is really an exotic place to visit and offers some of the world’s best wildlife safari experience.

The park is situated on the eastern side of the Okavango Delta. The park includes the wet areas of the Okavango Delta and also other drier areas. So if you visit the park during dry season, the place can offer a really exotic 4x4 safari, both through the waters and dry land..

The park is also a game population reserve but you can also spot some rare and beautiful leopards if you are lucky.

The Kalahari Game Reserve
The Kalahari Game Reserve

Kalahari Game Reserve

The Central Kalahari Game Reserve is situated in the Kalahari Desert, covering an area of 52,800 km². It is the second largest game reserve in the world. Unlike the other mentioned areas the reserve has mostly a dry and flat terrain.

Large areas of trees, bushes and grass are wide spread in this reserve, thus adding to the beauty of the place. The reserve contains huge concentration of wild life where many wild animals including giraffes can be spotted easily.


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    • Mushi-san profile image

      Mushi-san 5 years ago

      We visited Botswana a few years ago. Your hub brings back very good memories!

    • profile image

      Botswana Safaris 7 years ago

      There are so many fantastic things to do in Botswana - it feels like you've only just scratched the service! It's so great that safaris are boosting the economy; this makes it the perfect trip.

    • profile image

      okavango travel 7 years ago

      Okavango as you described is really the most beautiful place in Africa to watch for.

      It is a home for variety of a birds and wildlife.Elephants are main attraction there and found in large numbers.

      Also the places of attraction mentioned are worth for watching.

      Good article.