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On Indian Coast Guard Ship

Updated on February 6, 2012

Our Group

We are ready
We are ready

27 students of M Phil (Mathematics) from St Joseph’s College, Tiruchirappalli visited Cochin (Educational tour). We were fortunate to visit an Indian Coast Guard Ship. One bright summer evening we entered into Vikram class Coast Guard Ship (CGS) Veera. We were excited to learn the sealife of the officers filled with actions and courage. They shared their adventures on board with us.

The Coast Guard personnel explained us how to remain alert on spotting a stranger and suspicious activities. The officials also briefed us on the safety measures to be adopted while at sea.

TV watching? No problem. We have DTH.

I am the pilot


The officials permitted us to go around the ship. We heard many chill experiences of the fighters. Veera conducted community interaction activity in Lakshadweep Islands. Schoolchildren accompanied by their teachers were taken onboard the ship.

Veera, the offshore patrol Vessel, had arrived at the Tuticorin port in May, 2009. During its stay there, the vessel moved along the coastal area and made appropriate measures with a charter of duties, including ensuring the safety and protection of islands, offshore installations and other structures in maritime zones. Its primary duty was to patrol extensively to check infiltrators or intruders into the coastal areas by sea, if any.

Officers and gentlemen


According to Coast Guard officials, M V Alondra Rainbow was rescued from pirates after a 48-hour-long drama with the Coast Guard. The 10 pirates finally surrendered but they set Alondra Rainbow ablaze. In the fire the vessel's engine room was damaged and the cabin was flooded. Coast Guard ship Veera was then deployed to stop the M V Alondro Rainbow from sinking. Additional pumps and salvage equipment were also embarked aboard the ship to salvage it. After a hard fight to check flooding, salvage teams finally succeeded. Offshore patrol vessel CGS Veera and CGS Anne Besant had been engaged to tow the 8,000-odd tonnes dwt vessel for more than 220 nautical miles towards Mumbai with the average speed of 3 knots.

Bofors Gun Ready to fire

Closing Ceremony of the Day


Veera was launched into the sea on 30-06-1984 and commissioned on 03-05-1986. On board we saw the Bofors gun, one of the best combat systems used in the Khargil war. We also watched the closing ceremony of the day. When we said ‘Good bye’ to officers and departed, women were given due respect. We salute the Indian Coast Guard.

Ready to Venture

Thank You Officers


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    • profile image

      sreekumar 4 years ago

      Is Coast Guard a Defence Service ? Will I get Military Service Pay?Will I definitely be promoted to DIG equal to Colonel on completion of 25 years of service? Will I get pension on retirement ? Please Elucidate ?

    • profile image

      Aneesh Gupta 5 years ago

      Heyy Rubanraj,

      Lovely seeing your article. It brought back fond memories.

      My father was Commanding Officer for CGS Veera from 1999 to 2000. Reading your article brought back all those wonderful times i spent onboard that mighty lady, while in harbour. :D


      Aneesh Gupta.

    • Rubanraj profile image

      Rubanraj 7 years ago from South India

      Thanks, Selvam.

    • profile image

      selvam 7 years ago

      very nice