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Chittorgarh Fort History

Updated on December 19, 2019

History of Chittorgarh- Chittorgarh Fort History Chittorgarh has been witness to those hundreds of stories of sacrifice and sacrifice, Chittorgarh is proud of its past, the heroic native of Chittorgarh in this heroic land respected me by giving his blood in front of his birthplace! Today in Chittorgarh, I have many histories of heroic battles, the amazing courage of women, this holy land of Chittor has fought against injustice and tyranny, even today it is taught in the textbooks of schools! Pathan warrior Hakam Khan Sur, who became the commander of Maharana Pratap, sacrificed himself in the war even after he joined with all the neighboring kings and allied Mughal Akbar against the heroic king Maharana Pratap of Chittorgarh.

The Chittorgarh huge fort is a grand and magnificent structure that tells the glorious history of Chittorgarh. According to history, this fort was built by Maurya during the 7th century. This magnificent fort is situated on a 180 meter high mountain and is spread over an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 700 acres. It is a symbol of architectural proficiency that remains after many demolitions. The way to reach the fort is not easy; You have to walk a mile by a steep and winding mountain path to reach the fort. The fort has seven-pointed iron-strong gates named after Hindu deities. This fort has many beautiful temples as well as magnificent palaces of Rani Padmini and Maharana Kumbh. There are many water bodies in the fort which receive water from rain or natural catchments. It is a major tourist destination of this city.

Chittorgarh Fort

Chittorgarh was built in the seventh century by the ruler of the Mauryan dynasty, Chittaranjan Mauri, when 180 m. Nestled on this hill spread over an altitude and 700 acres! The deadliest attack by Chittorgarh was in the early 14th century. Alauddin Khilji, attracted by the beauty of Rani Padmini, wanted to get Rani Padmini in every situation. In this madness, Alauddin Khilji attacked Chittorgarh. Maharaja Ratan Singh and his soldiers fought bravely to the last breath, but they suffered defeat and were killed in Khilji. Actually, this attempt of Alauddin was not successful because in the Agni Kund of Chittorgarh Fort, Rani Padmini committed suicide with her Sahilio.

Chittorgarh was attacked again in the mid-16th century under the rule of Maharaja Bikramjit. Sultan Bahadur Shah of Gujarat defeated the Rajput kings and made himself the king of Chittorgarh, then under the leadership of Rani Karnavati, the women reiterated history. Then his son Uday Singh, who was only an infant at that time, was sent to Bundi and then he became the king of Bundi and Chittorgarh.

The Mughal ruler Akbar attacked and captured Chittorgarh in 1567. Uday Singh did not resist it and fled and built a new city Udaipur. However, the Rajputs, led by two teenagers Patta and Jaimal, fought with full force and were killed. Akbar's soldiers looted the Chittorgarh fort and destroyed it badly.

In 1325 Rana Hameer, the Sisodias of the Rana Dynasty built it their fort, and the rule of the Rana Dynasty i.e. Sisodia Dynasty started running. The highest Sisodia dynasty ruled over Chittorgarh. And in this dynasty, there were many majestic kings, from King Ratan Singh to Maharana Sanga. Maharana Kumbha was also one of the great kings of Chittorgarh. These kings gave Chittorgarh a different identity! And the name of Maharana Pratap is still proudly taken on the head of the king of Chittorgarh!

The fort of Chittorgarh was impregnable, along with the hill fairy situated, there was a huge wall around this fort, seven strong doors were made to enter the fort. Actually it was impossible for the enemies to go inside the fort. But, this fort was built on the hill in the middle of the vast plain. Because of which the enemies used to camp in the huge ground. And used to stop supplying food inside the fort. As a result, kings were forced to open the doors of the fort. And due to the huge army of enemies, they had to face defeat!

Chittorgarh Fort Attractions

If we do not see the historical and beautiful Chittorgarh Fort of Rajasthan coming to Rajasthan, then it will be like missing a lot. Given the vastness and height of this fort, it is said that the fort of Chittorgarh should be strong enough to see the whole fort. The special attraction of Chittorgarh Fort is the seven huge doors of this fort. These doors are of such a huge size that they are not seen in any other fort.

The fort fort has hundreds of historical and ancient temples. Several reservoirs in the premises of the fort on the crest of the mountain also make the fort more attractive and beautiful. The most special attractions of this fort are two stone pillars, known as Kirti Stambh and Vijay Pillar. These two towers attract tourists a lot due to their beauty, architecture and height. The various art palaces of this fort of Chittorgarh are unique specimens.

If you are going to see the Chittorgarh Fort, then also see the palace of Rana Kubha built in the premises of the fort. The most special and beautiful part of this fort is this palace. This palace is of great importance for tourists and photography enthusiasts. Inside the palace, Jina Rani's palace, beautiful top domes and chhatris, Gaumukh Kund near Jina Rani Mahal are beautiful tourist places. The queens and women of the fort did Jauhar near the same pool in the fort. After the Mewari forces were defeated by the Mughals, the Kshetrani women jumped into a massive burning fire to save their pride and dignity.

Kumbhashyam Temple and Victory Pillar

Kumbh Shyam temple is situated in the south of this huge fort. It is a historical and a famous temple of Meera Bai. A Vijay Pillar is built near this temple. This nine-storied magnificent pillar was built by Rana Kubha in 1437 as a symbol of Jit after conquering the war with the Sultan of Malwa.

Palaces and Museums

Shantinath Sthal built for the common people in this fort, Diwan-i-Aam is a beautiful Jain place on the platform made of beautiful Mughal architecture and FatehPrakashPalace is also a major center of attraction. FatehPrakashPalace has an excellent collection of medieval weapons, antiquities used in weapons, sculptures, arts and folk life. This museum is situated on one side of the road of Rana Kumbha Mahal and is very beautiful. This place opens for tourists at 10 am and closes at 4:30 pm.

Padmini Mahal

Padmani Mahal is a special part of this fort. This palace, situated near a small lake in the middle of the fortification complex, is very beautiful. Near this palace is a historic temple dedicated to the Sun God, this temple is the temple of Kalika Mata, it is very fascinating to see the architecture of this beautiful little temple of the eighth century. The Zanana Mahal of Padmini Mahal is filled with chambers made of glass. Tourists get enthralled by seeing these tiny glass-caps. The view of the green hills of Aravalli surrounding the Surajpol and Kirti pillars of this fort is nothing less than a paradise. Chittorgarh fort must be seen once in life. It is very visible.


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