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Best High Tech Jobs Near Chicago

Updated on May 30, 2017
Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Ms. Inglish is a successful employment & training pro, setting Midwest regional records with tens of thousands placed in gainful employment.

Chicago River at night.
Chicago River at night.

High Profile Business Corridors

CNNMoney magazine's Top 100 Best Cities in America include four of Chicago's most successful and inviting suburbs.

These towns are fast growing as cities on their own, with independent labor markets as well as access to that of Chicago; plus, they are in high-economy business corridors.

These "best cities" are economically expanding suburbs in the 2010s that lie along two important areas in the Greater Chicago Area to the southwest and to the northwest:

The Illinois Technology and Research Corridor, Interstate 88 in the southwest:

  • Bolingbrook - Number 43 out of 100 Best Cities in America
  • Naperville - Number 54. Home of Fermilab particle physics lab and particle accelerator.

The Golden Corridor, around a portion of Interstate 90 in the northwest:

  • Mount Prospect - Number 56
  • Arlington Heights - Number 59

Best Chicago Suburbs

Chicago, IL, USA

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Bollingbrook, Illinois:
Bolingbrook, IL, USA

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Naperville, IL, USA

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Mount Prospect:
Mt Prospect, IL, USA

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Arlington Heights:
Arlington Heights, IL, USA

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Bolingbrook Hi Tech Magic

Bolingbrook, Near Wondrous Routh 66

Bolingbrook IL:
Bolingbrook, IL, USA

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Bolingbrook village is home to over 70,000 residents and sits in Will, DuPage, and Cook Counties in Illinois, about 25 miles southwest of Chicago.

Fairly new as a village, it was not incorporated until 1965. This was after the countrywide post-World War II housing construction gained sufficient momentum to draw large numbers of workers and businesses. Before incorporation and in the 19th Century, the area consisted of separate small farming villages and Indigenous Peoples living there or passing through to the West.

Chicago and the area near Bolingbrook are the historic home of the American amusement park industry that began in 1893 and 1894. Chicago's 1893 Columbian Exposition (World's Fair) and its popular Midway attractions spurred the aquatic circus performer known as the Fearless Frogman, Paul Boyton, to open Paul Boyton's Water Chute(s) in 1894.

Other facilities followed and Chicago supported at least 8 such parks through 1908, including one owned and operated by African Americans, despite segregation. Paul Boynton went on to found a Luna Park locally in addition to Luna Park at Coney Island and a sea lion park. About 120 years, Chicago has Navy Pier at the current point in amusement park evolution.

Once such large amusement place along the timeline was the enclosed Old Chicago Amusement Park, located in Bolingbrook from about 1975 until 1981. It included both a shopping mall of small independent retailers and a large group of amusement rides in the center. You can read about it at the embedded link above. It seems to have been a precursor to the huge Mall of America in Minnesota and West Edmunton Mall in Alberta with solid anchor stores and amusements.

8th Tee, Bolingbrook Golf Club, Bolingbrook, Illinois
8th Tee, Bolingbrook Golf Club, Bolingbrook, Illinois | Source

Jobs in Bolingbrook and Naperville

During Spring 2016, 90,000 job listings were gathered from all Internet sources within 25 miles of the village center of Bolingbrook.

Within a radius of 10 miles, about 11,000 jobs were listed and approximately 3,000 were located in nearby Naperville. The the 15 highest-demand job titles listed included:

  1. CDL Truck Drivers - Fastest growing jobs in America. Chicago is a transportation hub for the entire USA and Canada.
  2. IT Network Consultants - Highly paid.
  3. IT Engineers - Especially in energy, healthcare, and aerospace work.
  4. Salespeople and Sales Representatives - Many are highly paid positions.
  5. Food Service Managers
  6. Occupational Therapists (OTs)
  7. Registered Nurses (RNs)
  8. Physical Therapists (PTs) - A very fast growing job in the USA.
  9. Physicians - All specialty areas, plus general practice and family medicine.
  10. School Nurses - School populations are increasing.
  11. Trucking Transportation Owner-Operators
  12. Pharmacy Technicians
  13. Managers for Corporate Communications - Mortgage industry
  14. Senior Financial Analysts

Famous Promenade Mall

The Promenade Mall:
631 E Boughton Rd, Bolingbrook, IL 60440, USA

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Canobie Corkscrew near Bollingbrook was sold to an amusement park on the East Coast.
Canobie Corkscrew near Bollingbrook was sold to an amusement park on the East Coast. | Source
Amusement Parks (Shire Library USA)
Amusement Parks (Shire Library USA)
The magnificent history of American amusement parks. Our Golden Age of American amusement parks began "America's Playland" - Coney Island. Chicago parks live up to that stature as well.

Scientific Naperville

Naperville, incorporated in 1857, is a city of 143,000 people located in both Will and DuPage Counties and ranked as the 4th largest city in Illinois. Naperville is about 30 miles west from Chicago and a bit west of its neighbor, Bolingbrook, the two suburbs sharing access to the same job listings.

Instead of railroads, stage coaches were more important in this area. In the 19th Century, the city was a crossroads stop at the junction of two major stagecoach routes: the Chicago to Galena and the Chicago to Ottawa routes.

Lumber business and milling grew up around the stage coach stop for form a community and a business hub and transportation improvements followed closely. In 1864, a railroad line finally came through town and supplanted the stage coaches. Furniture and stone quarrying grew as industries with the advance of easy transport of goods by rail..

Expressways were not built near Naperville until 1954, but they brought additional new businesses with them. These were largely research and development concerns like Argonne National Laboratory and Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. Housing development flourished and retail and service industries followed. After the usual Inner City decay of the 1970s, downtown revitalization began with the Riverwalk in the 1980s and continues today.

The Illinois Technology and Research Corridor extends along I-88 near Naperville and is responsible for much of the location's growth since the 1980s.

Companies in this region include:

  • Bell Labs,
  • Western Electric,
  • BP Amoco Labs,
  • Porsche Finance, and
  • ConAgra grocery division as well as
  • Fermi Lab and Argonne National Lab.

Higher education is well represented in this corridor, partnering with private businesses and government agencies for new technologies and job creation.

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and Its Bison

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Fermilab and grounds at night.Bison herd preserved at Fermilab.
Fermilab and grounds at night.
Fermilab and grounds at night. | Source
Bison herd preserved at Fermilab.
Bison herd preserved at Fermilab. | Source

Fermilab Facilities

Fermilab Visitors' Site:
Kirk Rd & Pine St, Batavia, IL 60510, USA

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Fermilab, Naperville IL:
Fermilab Village, Winfield Township, IL 60555, USA

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Illinois Technology and Research Corridor: Ronald Reagan Memorial Highway

I-88 DuPage County:
Interstate 88, IL, USA

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I-88 DuPage County, Naperville:
Interstate 88, Naperville, IL 60563, USA

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Naperville and Bolingbrook lie along the I-88 Illinois Technology and Research Corridor.

Herrick Lake, on the Tech and Research Corridor
Herrick Lake, on the Tech and Research Corridor | Source

Mount Prospect and the Golden Corridor to Arlington Heights

The Golden Corridor

Mount Prospect IL:
Mt Prospect, IL, USA

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Arlington Heights IL:
Jane Addams Memorial Tollway, IL, USA

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Mount Prospect

Mount Prospect is a Cook County village of 54,000 in the prosperous and prestigious Northwest Suburb Corridor of Chicago, a few miles closer to the large city than is its neighbor, Arlington Heights. The two suburbs share access to a large number of job listings between them, outside of those in nearby Chicago, and the majority of the local openings are in Mount Prospect.

Native Americans lived in this area for centuries, befriending and marrying the French when they arrived. In the early 1800s, some demonstrated participation and support of the French and later the British in land claims and war against the US, leading to their eventual movement toward the West.

In 1854, the railroad was established through Mount Prospect, but did not stop. In fact, a train did not stop in the village for another 30+ years. Passed by in the advance of transportation, many of the townspeople moved out to the neighboring villages that did have train stations and many traveled out to the Gold Rush.

As these residents left, a new wave of German and Irish immigrants filled the village of Mount Prospect, replacing those that were mostly of English descent. Many Polish immigrants also settled in Mount Prospect, reflected in the successful Central Continental Bakery that offers Polish inspired products.

Generally this was a farming region until WWII, when industrialization and newer types of businesses emerged. New housing and a shopping mall expanded the village by the early 1960s.

Downtown revitalization began in the early 1990s with new infrastructure, historic preservation, and another influx of new people and companies.

One popular event downtown is the Midsummer Downtown Block Party with music, food, and free family/children's activities.

Golden Corridor

Mount Propect is in the north of the Golden Corridor along highway I-90, a region that generates high revenues and contributes to economic wealth in the NW Suburb Corridor. Many Fortune 500 companies and extensive business develops are located along this route.

The Golden Corridor
The Golden Corridor
Manufacturing is the largest sector of local economy in the Golden Corridor. This is particularly true of Printing and Related Support Activities, Electrical Equipment, Appliance and Component, and Fabricated Metal Product manufacturing. Output increased marked form 2001 - 2010. Computers and Medical/Pharma manufacturing are the top industries here.

Lee DeWyze - Hallelujah on American Idol

Arlington Heights

This village is located on land located in both Cook and Lake Counties, northwest of Chicago and near Mount Prospect. It is well known for horse racing at the local track, Arlington Park.

Only twenty-five miles from downtown Chicago, Arlington Heights possesses a growing downtown district of its own with expanding retail, dining places, entertainment, office parks, and residential developments.

The village was created under another name as a site for a railroad station that saw its first trains arrive in 1854. Business and residents flocked around the transportation hub that grew around agricultural transport.

The local economy remained agricultural in nature oriented early on and the rise of truck farms brought growth in the mid-1800s, given the available railroads for shipping goods to Chicago. Village incorporation occurred 1887 and in 2010, the community is home 80,000 or more.

Administrative, Waste Management, and Recycling businesses have increased in the Golden Corridor from 2010 - 2016. Engineering and IT jobs continue to increase.

A Closer Look at the Golden Corridor

Mt Prospect IL:
Mt Prospect, IL, USA

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Arlington Heights IL:
Arlington Heights, IL, USA

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Jobs in the Golden Corridor

Largest Employers in Mount Prospect

  1. Caremark Rx- - Managers of employee group and individual prescription benefits.
  2. Bosch Tools- Engineering, technologies, and tools.
  3. MetLife - Insurance and financial products.
  4. Cummins-Allison - Technologies
  5. The Village of Mount Prospect
  6. Rauland-Borg
  7. Mount Prospect School District
  8. Township High School District
  9. Siemens Building Technologies

Largest Employers in Arlington Heights

  1. Arlington Park and Racetrack
  2. Northwest Community Hospital
  3. Township High School District
  4. Nokia Solutions - Telecommunications and wireless products.
  5. Lutheran Home - Retirement and rehab center.
  6. Daily Herald newspaper and Paddock Publications
  7. Alexian Brothers Health System - Faith-based, Catholic health system that originated in England to care for victims of the Black Death.
  8. Clearbrook - Jobs and services creation for ADA individuals.
  9. Kroeschell, Inc. - HVAC products and R & D.
  10. The Village of Arlington Heights

High Demand Jobs Available

Over 100,000 job listings are found within a radius of 25 miles the center of Mount Prospect and within 10 miles - nearly 27,000 listings, many in IT.

About 90,000 jobs were listed within 25 miles of Arlington Heights.

Highest demand jobs needing workers are:

  1. CDL Truck Drivers - Similar to openings in the High Tech Corridor.
  2. Physical Therapists
  3. Occupational Therapists
  4. Registered Nurses and Nurse-Coaches (RNs)
  5. IT Engineers, Especially Project Managers
  6. Java Software Developers
  7. Food and Beverage Services, especially in upscale coffee houses.
  8. Sales Supervisors - Includes software sales.
  9. Retail Salespeople - Big box stores, small shops, and upscale shops.
  10. Senior Accountants
  11. Administrative and Executive Assistants
  12. Account Executives - High ticket items and financial products.
  13. Sales Representatives - Many are highly paid.
  14. Software and Applications Engineers - Very high demand and highly paid.
  15. Data Analysts

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