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California Lighthouse In Aruba

Updated on November 10, 2012

A Stop On Your Day Trip

If you are in Aruba an excellent scenic destination is the California Lighthouse. Located at the islands northern tip, whats interesting is that upon your arrival here you notice the wonderful scenery; waves crashing on the rocks of the shoreline, shifting sand dunes, and rocky outcroppings. To the east the water is green and calm, to the north and west the Atlantic Ocean is a bit rougher with whitecaps. Expect it to be very windy here...Named for the wreck of the passenger ship California, which sank off the shore of Aruba many years ago the lighthouse itself is inactive and there are no tours of it-as some years ago someone committed suicide by jumping from its top !

From atop this hill you can see the island laid out to the south giving you a perspective of the island. Being a desert island, the perspective here is one unmatched. One of my favorite times to visit is late afternoon, the setting sun seems to turn the rocks, sand and sea into a wonderful colors of orange and aqua.

If you arrive by cruise ship this can be a stop on your day tour. Accessible by car or tour bus the California Lighthouse is a wonderful-easy to get to, memorable stop on your Aruba vacation.


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