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Calypso Beach Resort - Traveler Review and Photos

Updated on July 15, 2009

The Calypso Beach Resort, Panama City beach is just one of the many Condominium resorts to choose from along the emerald coast of the gulf of Mexico. The Calypso Resort is located at 15817 Front Beach Drive Panama City Beach, Florida. 32407.  The Calypso beach resort at the time is one of twelve properties in Panama City Beach owned by Waterstone Resort and vacation Rentals.

I have been to Panama City Beach two years in a row and its starting to be one of my favorite destinations. Now the water on the emerald coast is not aqua blue like Aruba but it is very pretty and I love the whtie sandy beaches. One of the nice things about going to the same vacation area multiple times is you start learning about the area, and the do's and dont's. Below I will share some of my photos and give you an idea what you can expect when staying in Panama City Beach Florida and the Calypso Beach Resort.  

Calypso Beach Resort and Pier Park

The Calypso Beach Resort is the closest Condominiums to Pier Park. Pier park is one of the newest attractions to the area, located right across the street from the Pier that just opened in July of 2009, pier park is a giant outdoor shopping mall loaded with shops, Restaurants, Nike outlet store, Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville, Maze of Mirrors and more. All of this is in walking distance from the Calypso, take a left out of the resort, walk to the pier and cross the street and their you are. Their is also a five guys burgers, Olive garden and Longhorn steak house in the area too. To walk on the pier it is $2.00 per person for the whole day, they will stamp your hand and you are also allowed to fish off the pier with a 2 to 3 fishing pole limit, it is well worth the $2.oo for the amazing views. Also on the fourth of July 2009 they shot of a ton of fireworks from the end of the pier.

Calypso Beach Resort Tips

Ok, like I said their are a ton of places to stay in Panama City Beach and If you decide to stay at the Calypso Beach Resort their are some things that you should know.

  • Their are two very long but narrow pools, one behind the East tower and one behind the West tower, the pools open at 9:00 am but if you want to have a chance to get a beach chair at the pool you should plan on getting to the pool area around 8:00 am. Both towers have 21 to 22 floors with about 9 or 10 condos per floor per tower, now if your not good at math don't worry I am going to do it for you that's about 200-220 condos per tower most have a max occupancy of of 6-8 people per condo, so that's about 1600 or so possible people per tower if every condo was full occupancy. OK, sorry that sounds like some kind of college story problem or something, but what I am trying to say is they only have 34 beach chairs per tower at the pool, so where in the Heck are the other 1566 people supposed to sit well I guess you are their for the ocean so they have conveniently placed 150 sets of chairs out on the beach for you with umbrellas, oh so sweet of them, by the way they are $30.00 to $35.00 dollars per day, $30 if you rent them multiple days and $35 for a single day. Now don't let this keep you from the Calypso Beach Resort, almost all of the big resorts on Panama City Beach have the same problem, Not enough pool chairs, I guess they figure your their for the beach. * depending on who you rent your condo from some rentals will include a pre-paid set of beach chairs with the rental, something to look for. I rent from (vacation Rentals by owner)


  • Tiki Bar, their is a tiki bar that was added in between the to pools and the prices are about what you would figure for a resort $3.50 for a draft beer, $5.50 for a virgin Daiquiri and about $8.00 for one with alcohol. You can also order food their is a sub shoppe across the street under the Calypso parking garage that will bring the food to the tiki bar for no charge. They also have a giant Ice vending machine, I didn't use it but it looks pretty cool and convenient I believe its a little more expensive than buying from the gas station but a lot more convenient.
  •  What floor to stay on? well every floor has an amazing view and obviously the higher you go the better the view, I would recommend the first or second floor to avoid the elevators, their is always a line for the elevators and they are very slow with people getting on and off at different floors. Now this is not a knock on the Calypso Resort, all of the high rise condos have the same problem, it was so nice to walk past all the people holding their beach gear and coolers waiting for the elevators knowing my room was a few steps away, especially with a family. We stayed on the first floor and it was great I only wish the balcony would have had a gate access to the pool.
  • Parking, alot of the resorts have the majority of the parking across the street with a covered air conditioned cross walk, it is kind of a long walk but the strip in Panama city beach is real narrow and their is not much room for anything other than the condo, the pool and the beach. Some rentals will come with 1 under the condoo parking spot and that is very convenient. Front Beach Road, OK Front Beach Road can get very busy depending on the season and time you go, it is loaded with gift shoppes galore but could take you 25 minutes to go 4 miles, your best bet is to cut across to highway 98 take that to your estimated location and the cut back, oh and yes their are a ton of beeping scooters, golf cars and some other funny looking cars but you are going to have that at any resort not just the Calypso.

 If you are thinking about traveling to Disney World, visit my hub for a great overview on

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Over all the Calypso Beach Resort is a great place to stay especially if you are looking to shop, eat or take a stroll on the pier, most of the negatives are things you will find at most of the other resorts on the strip. the resort is pretty new and as for the inside of the condo they differ from owner to owner and all have spectacular ocean front views. Spring break time and the fourth of July are very busy times and can draw very different crowds, you will see a lot of people Parasailing and ridding Banana boats like my friend Nat, those activities can be purchased up and down the beaches and directly right behind the Calypso Beach Resort.


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    • profile image

      ALLISON 8 years ago

      i love calypso. we are returning there for the 3rd time next month and can't wait. it is by far one of the better places to stay and the location is perfect,right across the street from pier park.

    • profile image

      scott 8 years ago

      nice hub, Love your Realtor sight

    • profile image

      Dan Trenary 8 years ago

      Great Hub, I love Panama City Beach and the area of the Calypso Beach Resort

    • profile image

      Craig 8 years ago

      Nice, I have benn to the Calypso Beach Resort and agree with everything you say, Great place to eat at Panama City Beach is Spinnakers, Try it

    • profile image

      "nat" 8 years ago

      now michael...u know that banana boat is the LAST place i am going!!!! :) but thanks for the shout out!