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Campervan Hire - The Cheaper Option

Updated on August 17, 2015

Campervans !

Are you thinking of hiring a camper van for a road trip to explore around Australia ?

Or deciding if buying a camper van is a cheaper option .

We are all looking for a cheaper way to Travel either here in Australia or elsewhere in the world & I have some here for you in the way of Camper vans !

This interests me as we are hoping to travel to London & across to Spain & other countries in Europe , USA , NZ & Tasmania via camper van soon so I am checking out our options to see which is the best way to do the trip.!

I don't want to pay high camper van fees tho so I am hunting down good deals for us & will share my research with you.

There are a lot of options out there and at the Ningaloo Reef the Wicked Camper van was the most popular by far as there were a lot of younger travellers doing the road trip in groups and having a great time !

We also saw Maui & many others as we travelled up the highway & in car parks at beaches.

It all depends on what you are looking for in the way of price , comfort and so on , What is most important to you for your trip.

We like the idea of being able to stand up in a camper van if possible to make life a bit easier for us.

Have Campervan - Will Travel !

Campervans everywhere at Ningaloo Reef !
Campervans everywhere at Ningaloo Reef !

Campervan Hire _ Is campervans cheaper option

Camper van hire is a cheaper option especially if you can free camp in a lot of places along the road as you travel rather than caravan parks all the time.

It is also good to not have to pack & unpack everyday !

I talked to a few people in Ningaloo Reef who had hired one for their trip & rates ranged between $70- $135 a day .

A lot of wicked camper vans were at the Ningaloo Lighthouse caravan park while we were there.

If you are sharing with friends then it works out cheap for you !

You need to decide on what will suit you best.

Most young ones here seem to love the Wicked Campervans as we see so many on the road & always have a read of their siigns !

Which style suits you ?

Campervans Everywhere

Wicked Campervan in Kalbarri

Maui Campervans

 I did an online quote for a Maui Campervan for 2 weeks in NZ with a pick up in Aucland & drop off in Christchurch, however it is well out of our budget at $192 a day , $2,938 for 2 weeks ,including a fee to return the vehicle .

I could buy a cheap car for that !

Buy A Campervan in Australia

So you're planning a trip to Australia and you're thinking about buying a cheap car or campervan to get you around? You want to experience Australia up close, an experience that will stay with you forever. You want the freedom to make your own itinerary and see and do things at your own leisure.

Travellers Auto Barn has over 15 years experience in helping travellers realise their dream of traveling around Australia & enjoying many adventures along the way !

They offer a buy back system for you , saving you money on your holiday.

Cheaper Option for Campervans from $1 A Day !

 If you are flexable in your travels why not be the person to do the campervan returns for cheaper travel !

You can do this in New Zealand , Australia as well as the USA .

Standby Cars have car hire / campervan hire from $1 a day , sometimes $100 worth of fuel as well .You must be at least 21 years of age, with a current and full driver’s license to book motor vehicle rental on Probationary Licenses are not accepted. Most of the prices displayed are for drivers over 25 years of age.

Buy A Campervan from other Travellers.

I have stayed in many hostels & there is nearly always campervans for sale at a good price & often with many extra's such as

cooking gear


tables & chairs

even boogie boards

These can be bought cheap as often the seller has a flight to catch coming up very fast !

Get campervans checked out by someone reliable first tho as you do not want a break down in an out of the way area and have to pay for towing fees as well as mechanical bills.

It will end up being an expensive trip if that happens and put a dampener on your trip.

Gumtree is also a place to check for campervans or cars online.

Campervan trips Australia

Depending on what you like to see and do & the time you have there are some great roadtrips for you in a campervan in Australia.

Western Australia.

If you prefer cooler weather & more inland scenery then traveling down to Albany via Walpole is a nice place to be .

There are some nice walks including the treetop walk , MT Franklyn, Circular Pools and more.

For snorkeling & diving , kite surfing then head up the coast to Ningaloo Reef  where Sandy beach is ideal for the kite surfing.

I swam with a turtle at Lakeside !

For anyone with plenty of time why not head up to Broome & explore the Kimberlys.

Have you hired a campervan ? Please share your experiences here .

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