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The Caribbean, One of the Hottest Travel Destinations on the Planet!!!

Updated on August 4, 2020

Welcome to De Islands!!

Oh Yeah!!!
Oh Yeah!!! | Source

Before, My First Caribbean Cruise!

Right now, my Family and I are planning on taking our First Family Caribbean Cruise together!!

I am so excited about it, as well as my Family; my Father and Step-mom have already been twice and they are suggesting that we come along for their third. It's not like I have never been traveling before, this will be my First Trip to the Caribbean, I hope to see some of the sites and of course the Beaches!

With all of the latest events that I am going through now, is actually preparing me for this upcoming Vacation! With this, I can say that sometimes Life can Often Aligns and reveals an Unplanned or even Unknown Event! I am even enjoying this period before the Real Excitement of the Cruise next year. It is ironic that I started my regimen before I found out about the Family Cruise, plus all of my Dentist Visits are taken care of!

I know the the Cruise is not until next Summer, I am actually ready to go now as far as the usual things that could be the hold ups! I have heard many stories about the services and entertainment which are available on the Cruise Ship, plus the feel of the Ship as it move across the water takes some getting used to. So I am ready to take my First Caribbean Cruise!!

I will say this, I am usually an active person and I know of some of the activities in which a Cruise Ship provides. I would Love to try the Rock Climb, checkout the Night-time Shows and stay active enough to enjoy the unbelievable Buffets!! The more I think about this upcoming Vacation, the Excitement just Keeps Building; I just can't Wait!!!

As it turns out, my sister and younger brother are also ready to go, we have never been on a cruise together. So this will be a very unique trip indeed, we have all traveled to many different destinations before and even out of the country. So traveling is nothing new to us, and this will be and there is just so much to look forward to, all of the sites and sounds. Now we have been on Ferries, this is not the same as a Cruise Ship but a Ferry doesn't feel the same as a Ship on the Ocean. I don't really have anything to compare to such a Vessel as of yet, I know next Summer will be here soon but not fast enough, I am already having a tough time containing my excitement!!!

Come On, Let's Cruise!!

White Sandy Beaches And of Course, the Cruise Ship!!


The Cruise, the Whole Cruise and Nothing but the Cruise!

Oh My Goodness, a Cruise Ship is indeed one of the Marvels of the Modern World! There is almost nothing in which you can't do on land on this Big Boat, this is kind of mind boggling as well! You can't go hungry, you almost can't sleep either, there is so much to do throughout the entire cruise timeframe. You need more time to accomplish it all, again what a feat of engineering! Rock climbing, swimming pools, gymnasiums, entertainment, music, dancing, you name it and everyone else onboard is there to have a really good time! If you or someone you know has never experienced a Cruise. Please do so, you or anyone else will not be disappointed! This is True you are on the water, in all actuality you really can't tell. It's a smooth ride like being in a car or a plane at cruising altitude, but just on the water. However, unlike the car or plane, there is so much more to do in Twenty Four a hour period, if you can go this long! After enjoying a cruise, you really have to thank and give Glory to Father God for allowing such an adventure! One for a safe journey and your return, as well as all of the fun and new friends that you will meet!

It might be pricy to some, but it is indeed worth ever bit! Going on a Cruise is something I think everyone should do at least once in their Lifetime. The Memories will last and you will Never Forget them! You might even be willing to go on a Cruise more than once after Your First time, there is almost nothing else in the world like it. A Floating Hotel, with all of the Fun, Entertainment, Food and People from all walks of Life all Onboard. Wow What An Adventure!

This is one of those things you Must Try, I suggest starting the Planning for a Cruise long in advance and the Price will indeed be Right!!

Bon Voyage and Cheers!!

A Carnival Breeze Cruise

Favourite Destinations!!

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Go Parasailing Mon!

We Go Parasailing Mon!!
We Go Parasailing Mon!! | Source

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