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Carnarvon - A Friendly Place To Visit

Updated on September 19, 2011

Friendly locals

Are you looking for a place to stop on the west coast of Australia for a few days ?

As we drove up from Monkey Mia,Denham towards Exmouth We came across Carnarvon 904km north of Perth. The largest town in the Gascoyne region, Carnarvon offers sparkling beaches, brilliant displays of wildflowers and spectacular ocean blowholes which we will see next time.

The warm winters and hot summers that Carnarvon enjoys allow for immense tropical fruit growing, primarily bananas, and mangos on the flats of the Gascoyne River. Carnarvon is a large and thriving desert oasis where outstanding seafood can be caught from the purest oceans around Australias Coral Coast.

If you are looking for work try here in Carnarvon.

Unfortunatly like other places recently Carnarvon was flooded out and there is still a lot of damage in the area.

We enjoyed our stay overnight & stocked up on shopping the next day.

Despite what these people have been through with the floods Everyone we met from in the tourist information centre , shops, caravan park etc were very friendly and welcoming !

Carnavon One Mile Jetty

Where you can donate locally

Petrol stations under water

Water was right up the walls at the service station
Water was right up the walls at the service station
This one had water up to the roof
This one had water up to the roof

Volunteers needed

While cooling off in the pool at Carnavon Coral Coast Caravan park we met a couple from Perth who had traveled from Perth to volunteer their services after the flood.

They were telling us about pulling drains out of the mud for hours before having well earned drinks at the pub.

If you are thinking of doing some volunteer work why not head up here for a while ?

Carnarvon - Hit by Floods

Crops Destroyed

Carnarvon Caravan Park

A great place to stay in Carnarvon
A great place to stay in Carnarvon


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