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Cars for sale in lagos nigeria

Updated on March 29, 2010

Cars for sale in Lagos Nigeria

Are you looking for cars in LagosNigeria at affordable prices? If you are then you are at the right place because I have simplified your efforts at finding good car deals. Are you perhaps looking for that special car deal that is pocket friendly and at the same time reliable? Do the smart thing interact online at the auto section of

Where to get cars for sale in Lagos Nigeria

Depending on your needs, cars can be found for sale in just about every place. Some people sell cars because they are having financial problems and need to resolve them urgently. Others have to sell cars in order to make money these are the dealers. So where can one find cars to buy.

Classified adverts

First place to look for cars to buy is in classified adverts such as those in newspapers, on the internet or even road signs. Most people who advertise using classified adverts are people who want to dispose of old vehicles they no longer need. With classified adverts you will certainly find numerous options and bargains. Examples of classified adverts for finding cars for sale in Lagos Nigeria are; (auto segment) and among others.

Auto showrooms

If you are looking for brand new or first rate second hand cars, then the showrooms are the best place to check, and many of them can be found in Victoria Island, Ikorodu road, Allen Avenue, Opebi road and Ikoyi among others.

Open spaces and car parks

Some people also display their cars for sale in open spaces such as car parks, streets and even in front of residences. Most times there is a simple sign such as Buy me or for sale with a telephone number for interested buyers or enquiries.

Kinds of cars for sale

Virtually all car brands can be bought and sold but with the overwhelming majority of them being second hand cars. The most popular brands are Toyota, Honda and Volkswagen brands although there also exist Mercedes, Peugeot, BMW and several others. Obviously salon cars are the most common just as one could come across space wagons, buses and even jeeps.

Price ranges

The price range of most of these cars starts from just under $4,000 to over $80,000 in rare cases. However there will always be opportunity for good deals especially during auction sales offered by companies and sometimes by the Nigerian customs service.

My advice to you is to try out as many car deals as possible before making a buying decision.


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