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Cascada Cola de Caballo

Updated on February 19, 2009

Horsetail Falls

Cascada Cola de Caballo, or "Horsetail Falls" is a waterfall located a few miles south of Monterrey, Mexico.  I was in the city for a business trip and had some extra time in the afternoon to take a trip out to visit, and it was worth my time!  It isn't that far from the city, just down one of the main freeways heading south out of Monterrey, and then a few miles up a windy road.  There is a parking area and the main entrance (yes, there is an entrance fee, but it was only a few dollars).  From that point you can take the short walk up to the actual falls and bridge area.  It is a beautiful canyon, and the falls are simple and relaxing. 

The falls are just west of the city of Santiago - there are plenty of signs giving directions, and my little rental car made it up the hill just fine.  It really isn't that much of a climb by car, and the walk to the falls isn't that strenuous.  However, they do offer a buggy ride to take you from the entrance to the falls themselves (I think there was an additional fee, but since I walked, I'm not sure!)

A few pictures

Have you been there?

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      Linda 8 years ago

      Yes, I have been to Horsetail Falls several times and it is wonderful! Seeing the photos here make me want to go again. You will really enjoy it!