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Changing Itineraries While Traveling in an RV

Updated on October 17, 2011

While RVing, making an itinerary is often a very good idea. Sticking with it isn’t mandatory. On my way through Mississippi headed back to Texas, I learned of the 2011 balloon races along the river were being held October 14th through the 16th. I called the RV Park's office and asked if I could extend my stay. Their response was a negative…they were full. However I was offered a “rough” site without sewer and other amenities for the same price as the nicer ones. I accepted.

Although the site was rough, it was shady and I wouldn’t need to use my air conditioning for the next two days. The worst part was the lack of ground cover which caused an immense amount of dirt being tracked in and out of the motor home along with the clouds of dust created by the constant cruising by kids and adults on ATVs and golf carts.

After calling the other stops along my route and changing my arrival/departure dates, I had a leisurely lunch and then my dog, Charlie and I walked to the river to watch the activities. As my luck held for a while, several of the colorful balloon teams participated in an evening “glow” event right in the RV Park!

It didn’t take a lot of effort and though it added to my expenses for the trip, staying an extra couple of nights was well worth changing plans…along the way.

First flight Saturday morning.
First flight Saturday morning. | Source
Not much room left in the park.
Not much room left in the park. | Source
Team setting up for "Evening Glow."
Team setting up for "Evening Glow." | Source
Heating the envelope.
Heating the envelope. | Source
Aglow... | Source


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