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Cheap Airline Tickets to Venezuela | Discount Flights to Caracas

Updated on July 5, 2011

Guide to Cheap Flights to Caracas Venezuela

I have put together this guide to help travelers searching for the best price on airline tickets to Caracas Venezuela. There are discount flight suggestions for the US cities Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Seattle and Washington.

When searching with a travel search engine like Travelocity or air ticket consolidator, you will usually have more success in finding discount flights if you search from the airlines hub cities. Here is a list of the major airlines flying from the Simon Bolivar International Airport in Venezuela to North America and Europe.

International Airlines Departing Caracas Venezuela

Hub City / Country
Air Canada
Toronto Canada
Air Europa
Madrid Spain
Air France
Paris France
Rome Italy
American Airlines
Dallas Texas and Miami Florida
Continental Airlines
Houston Texas
COPA Airlines
Panama City Panama
Delta Air Lines
Atlanta Georgia
Madrid Spain
LAN Airlines
Miami Florida
Frankfurt Germany
El Salvador, Costa Rica & Lima
TAP Portugal
Lisbon Portugal

Flights From Atlanta Georgia to Caracas Venezuela ATL – CCS

Atlanta is Delta Air Lines hub city for flights to South America. Delta is the only airline offering non-stop service to Venezuela from Atlanta. The prices of flights out of Atlanta for the period October 2010 through February 2011 are not that great. The best priced flight with Travelocity for the period was on Continental Airlines for $958 plus taxes and fees. Delta's best price was $1,008 plus taxes and fees. The other airlines offering connecting flights from Atlanta are American Airlines, COPA and LAN Airlines.

Flights From Dallas Texas to Caracas Venezuela DFW - CCS

This is the main hub for American Airlines and they are the only airline with direct flights from Dallas. However, for the period October 2010 to February 2011 they do not have the best prices. The airline with the cheapest flights for this route is Delta at $908 plus taxes and fees. TACA is close at $938. The only other airline not already mentioned with connecting service from Dallas is COPA Airlines.

The Plaza in Caracas
The Plaza in Caracas

Flights From Houston Texas to Caracas Venezuela IAH - CCS

Continental Airlines is the only airline with direct service from Houston's George Bush Intercontinental Airport to Caracas. This is to be expected as Houston is the hub city for Continental Airlines flights to South American destinations. Cheap flights to Venezuela from Houston for the period October 2010 through February 2011 are hard to find. Using the search engine Travelocity, the lowest air fare for the period was $908 plus taxes and fees with Delta Air Lines. The direct flight with Continental Airlines was $1,088 plus taxes and fees. Other airlines offering connecting service from Houston are American Airlines, COPA and TACA.

Flights From Los Angeles California to Caracas Venezuela LAX – CCS

There are no direct flights from Los Angeles. For the period, October 2010 through February 2011 the best priced tickets with Travelocity were with COPA Airlines ($807 plus taxes and fees). The other airlines offering one-stop flights from Los Angeles are Air Canada, American Airlines, Avianca (a Colombian airline), Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, LACSA and TACA.

Flights From New York to Caracas Venezuela JFK – CCS

This is one of the most competitive markets in the US and therefore some of the cheapest airline tickets to Venezuela are from New York. For the period October 2010 through February 2011 LAN Ailines had excellent prices on airfare from New York at $449 plus taxes and fees.

The only airline with direct flights from New York to Caracas is American Airlines. The airlines with one stop flights from New York are Air Canada, Avianca, Continental, COPA, Delta, LACSA and TACA.

Flights From Miami Florida to Caracas Venezuela MIA - CCS

Miami is one of two US cities where you will regularly find the cheapest flights from the US to Venezuela. The other city with great prices is New York. LAN, American Airlines and Santa Barbara Airlines offer direct flights from Miami Florida to Caracas.

For the period October 2010 through February 2011 with Travelocity, the airline that often has the cheapest flights is LAN. Not only are you going to get the best price on airfare to Venezuela from Miami, you are also going to get the most convenient flight with LAN. With the exception of LAN, American Airlines and Santa Barbara Airlines, the other airlines do not offer direct flights to Venezuela.

The airlines with connecting flights from Miami are Avianca, Continetal, COPA, Delta, LACSA and TACA.

Flights From Washington to Caracas Venezuela IAD – CCS

There are no direct flights from Washington to Venezuela, but you will find the price of airline tickets to Caracas is excellent.  LAN Airlines has been offering very good pricing out of Washington / Dulles.

The other airlines with one-stop flights from Washington are Air Canada, American Airlines, Avianca, Continental, COPA and Delta Air Lines.

Flights From Seattle to Caracas Venezuela SEA - CCS

There are no direct flights from Seattle. The best priced flights for the period October 2010 through February 2011 are with the Canadian airline, Air Canada. The flight is from Seattle to Toronto and then direct from Toronto to Caracas. The lowest quoted price for the period using the travel search engine Travelocity was $1,006 plus taxes and fees.

The other airlines with connecting flights from Seattle to Venezuela are American Airlines, Continental Airlines, COPA Airlines and Delta Air Lines. TACA provide flights from many US cities, but San Francisco is the furthest north that they fly on the West Coast.

Flights From Europe and Canada to Venezuela

The only direct flights from Canada to Venezuela are with Air Canada from Toronto. If you fly with Air Canada from any other city in Canada, you will be routed through to Toronto and from there it is a direct flight.

If you are flying from Europe, your best choice in air carriers is going to be with Iberia and Lufthansa. Iberia has been adding flights to many Central American and South American destinations this year and they have been offering very good prices on those flights to promote the new routes. Iberia is based in Spain and their hub for flights to South America is in Madrid.

Information on Simon Bolivar International Airport in Caracas Venezuela

The Simon Bolivar International Airport of Maiquetia or as it is more simply known “Maiquetia”, is located 21 kilometers from Caracas. In 2009, nearly 9 million passengers went through this airport. The airport code is CCS.

The airport is split into two levels. With one level for departures and one level for arrivals. The airport also has two terminals. Terminal D is for domestic air travel while terminal I is for international travel.

There are 12 international airports in Venezuela, Simon Bolivar is the main airport and handles the most passengers in Venezuela.

The author of this article has made every effort to ensure it's accuracy.  Prices stated in the article were the best prices available at time of writing.  In the airline industry prices change by the hour.  If you discover an error, please contact the author or leave a comment in the comment section below. 

If you find cheaper airfare to Venezuela, please feel free to share that in the comments section so that other readers can benefit.


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    • surf traveler profile image

      surf traveler 7 years ago

      Hello Cira, I just looked up Iberia's website and the cheapest return ticket price to Caracas in the next few weeks was $614 leaving London from the 20th through the 22nd. Also several travel dates next month at that price as well. I couldn't find anything right now under 500 pounds.

    • profile image

      cira kell 7 years ago

      Need a cheap flight for under 500pounds to Venezuela travelling from London uk