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Cheap Disney Vacation Packages

Updated on July 24, 2009

Kids love Disney. Who doesn't anyway?

If you're planning for a family vacation this Summer, what better way than a family vacation to Disneyland, popularly known as "The happiest place on Earth"?

It is a dream vacation your kids have been waiting for and surely, it's going to be a trip they will always remember long thereafter.

But putting together a cheap vacation package can be a challenge as the cost of a single family trip to Disneyland can be really costly.

The good news is in today's tough economic times, it's no longer a seller's market, meaning we, the customers, are getting the best deals possible.

And due to the stiff competition, travel agents are now trying really hard to get your attention. To stay relevant, they'll put together the best vacation deals at the most competitive prices for your family.

If Disneyland is on your holiday list, you can easily avail yourself a cheap Disney vacation package if you put it a good amount of time and research by comparing various packages online.

Cheap Disneyland Vacation Packages
Cheap Disneyland Vacation Packages

Internet is a good place to search for cheap Disney vacation packages.

Sites like Expedia and Travelocity often offers package deals at great prices if you time it right.

In times of declining sales, I'm pretty sure that you're almost certain to get the best deal for your money today.

If you're lucky you might come across people selling cheap Disney vacation packages at discounted prices at local Craiglist or eBay.

Just like planning for any vacation, the very first thing you need to be aware of is that hotels and airfares are typically higher during holidays or peak seasons.

So it's best to plan your Disney vacation during the off-peak months like January or October, preferably during the week as it's cheaper and more value for money.

Visiting Disney World during the off season can saveĀ  up to 50% off the admission price, which can be pricey.

Yes, internet is a great place for discount Disney vacation packages, but do not count out your local travel agencies.

Because of the competition from online resellers, many retail travel agents have started to compete on both prices as well as values, making budget vacation to Disneyland possible.

With a travel budget in mind, you can plan and customize your own vacation package that is right for your family. For huge savings, do look out for last-minute packages that need to be sold right away.

Finding cheap Disney vacation packages, online or offline, takes a little research and proper planning.

Shop around for the best package deals. Compare, research and compare more till you find one that that suits your need and budget. More importantly, plan your kid's dream Disney vacation early.

For some great Disney rewards, you can apply for Walt Disney credit card where you earn points for every purchase.

As you earn these reward points, you can shop at Disney store for merchandise like DVD or Disney toys, vacation packages to your favorite Disney theme park, and other featured rewards, including travel and special passes.


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    • profile image

      Lively Jason 8 years ago

      I love independent travel and is planning a trip to Disney with my kid. This Hub is awesome!

    • fayans profile image

      fayans 8 years ago from hubsphere

      Hey bziebarth

      I didn't complete 100 hubs in 30 days but the experience so far has been awesome, exceeding my own expectation.

      I did share a little about it on my blog -

      But how did you know I took up the challenge?


    • bziebarth profile image

      bziebarth 8 years ago from Columbia Missouri

      Great hub. How are you doing with your 100 hubs in 30 days challenge?

    • profile image

      China tours 8 years ago

      Nice HUB

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      shanghai travel 8 years ago

      Thanks for an interesting hub

    • profile image

      Pierre 8 years ago

      Thanks for an interesting hub. May I recommend also checking out the offers at trivago, which aggreagates the best prices from major agencies including Expedia & Travelocity.