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Cheap date ideas in Montreal

Updated on December 14, 2009

Many cheap date options in Montreal

Montreal is a vibrant city with festivals all year round, and many locations to enjoy outdoor activities - whether is summer or winter. Outdoor activities make for perfect cheap dates. There are fireworks festivals in both summer and winter.  An evening stroll around the Old Port is equally enjoyable in winter as it is in summer - given you dress warm enough! There are many outdoor skating rinks to enjoy a winter night, and fireworks

There are also many other options for cheap dates in Montreal - from hand made ceramics to the Dollar Cinema - the only limitation is your imagination!

The One-Dollar Movie Theater

The Dollar Cinema offers (almost) new movies for $2, along with classic movies you didn't think you'd have a chance to see on the big screen. All popcorn, drinks and candies are only $1.

This is a date that certainly won't break the bank, and you could maybe even swing dinner in with it too!

Picnic in the Park

With Mont Royal and Parc Jean Drapeau being so easily accessible, there are many places to have a private, quiet picnic without being disrupted. Start the date with a trip to the Jean-Talon market to get what you need for your picnic. Then pick your destination, and find a quiet spot, hopefully with a view, for your picnic.

View from Parc Jean Drapeau

A Hike and sunset on Mont-Royal

Don't underestimate the power of a sunset.  A hike up and around Mont-Royal, finished with a sunset view over the Saint Lawrence river is not to be missed. 

Visit National Park Mont-Saint-Bruno

A visit to the National Park Mont-Saint-Bruno is an excellent way to get away from the city, even if you don't have a car. The park is accessible by public transit (Bus 99), which makes it an even cheaper getaway. There are a number of hiking trails here to travel in the summer. Or maybe you'd like to do some apple picking? In the winter, you will find cross country and downhill skiing on Mont Saint Bruno.

Click here for more information on the National Park Mont Saint Bruno.

Create your own Ceramics

A visit to Ceramic Cafe Studio will give you a great meal and a chance to paint your own ceramics.  Choose from their selection of ceramics what you would like to decorate, purchase it, and then use their ceramic paints to decorate it.  The cafe will then bake it and take care of the finishing touches, and hopefully your date went well enough you can return together to pick up your creation after it has been completed. 

Intro to Swing Dancing

Every friday Cat's Corner dance studio opens up their doors to a soirée which involves a FREE swing lesson. It does cost $8 to attend the soirée, however, the dance lesson is free. If you're a beginner, no problem! It's an introductory course.

Head on over to Cat's Corner for more information.

Cat's Corner Swing Lessons


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    • FlirtnDate profile image

      FlirtnDate 7 years ago from California

      Enjoyed your article! Great ideas and suggestions for cheap dates :)