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Check-In and Carry-on luggage, tips and ways to avoid problems before the flight

Updated on August 28, 2011

Most of the time, I travel with a classic hand luggage, but I must confess that at the time of inspection, even though I know I'm in perfect order, I always feel anxious. Obviously, I am talking about low-cost flights, because with other airlines in general it's another story.

For those who do not travel a lot or have not experienced some ups and downs related to the controls here are a couple of tips:

Do not pretend to not know the suitcase measures and weight limitations that you can bring, because the flight attendants know them very well and they will make you pay for the excess (which is not cheap).

Check measures and weight at home, before going to the airport. If you don’t know the airline policy about baggage, check online on their website or contact them directly.

These seem like small details, but it will save you from bad surprises at the Check-In.

In case you have inadvertently exceeded the weight limit of your baggage, don’t hope that the flight attendant will be so nice to break the airline policy for you and letting them pass.

A quick solution, instead can be to take your suitcase, place it in a convenient place, perhaps on a bench, open it ... and start wearing all you can. This tip does not apply in the summer, you guess why!

I hope you will not have to go through what happened to me; the problem was that my hand bag weight was above the permitted limit due to my notebook. Usually they are not that picky, but on that trip they were.

I made a trip wearing most of the stuff that was inside the hand bag and kept a power adapter in my pocket!

Use all the pockets in your jacket, pants, etc., then empty all at the security check; I know it will be painful, but in any case you made it through the weight baggage control!

Somebody also found a solution to eliminate the traveler;s concerns regarding the restrictions posted on luggage and handbags; it’s a bag that easily becomes a coat, with a series of pockets suitable for recovery of ... pounds!

The price is not super cheap, but if you travel a lot and you always have this problem at the check in, you may have a chance!

Now this is all good until the airlines will come up with another type of restriction that will involve the passengers and their weight!

In conclusion, just pack your baggage as it is required before going to the airport!


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