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Cherokee Museum A Great Place to Visit

Updated on May 25, 2009

One of the best places to go to find out about the Cherokee Indians would be the museum in Cherokee North Carolina. I know that the location of this town is near to a favorite vacation destination for many people of Gatlinburg. The downside is because it is on the other side of the mountain many people do not finish crossing over the mountain to enjoy the benefits and history that can be discovered in the town of Cherokee as well. Here are some reasons that you will want to go to the Cherokee Museum.

The first reason that you will want to go to the Cherokee museum is because you will learn about the Cherokee nation. I know that my husband has Cherokee in his background so it was very interesting learning about the history of some of his family. I know that some people might already know about the history of the Native Americans, but the museum here definitely allows for you to learn more about the Cherokee people.

The second reason that you will enjoy stopping by the Cherokee museum is that you will learn about the Cherokee beliefs. Which if you follow any history or the belief patterns of different cultures it is interesting finding out the beliefs that the Cherokee had and how they interpreted things that happened in the world. Which finding this out is very nice and helpful in understanding the history of the culture that you are learning about.

The third reason that you will enjoy stopping in at the Cherokee museum is that you will be able to see some of the artifacts that have been found. I know that this being a museum this is something you would expect to find, but with how nice these items are preserved will amaze you. I know that for me I was shocked at how well preserved some of the items were when you consider that they had been exposed to the elements and everything else for some time.

The fourth benefit is that you are able to tour through the history of the Cherokee people. I know that you can read a book and learn some of this information, but the way the museum is set up is great in teaching you the history step by step. Just by going to this museum I learned more about the Cherokee people than any book could have taught me.

While you might be traveling to Gatlinburg you will want to go over the mountain to Cherokee. I know that if you want to learn about any of the history of the Cherokee people you will want to stop by the museum in Cherokee. I know that this is one of the most educational places I have been to in a long time and taught me about the Cherokee people.

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