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Chicago Travel Guide

Updated on June 8, 2015

Chicago Travel Guide

For visitors who appreciate getting relax, so they can visit the following places in the City of Chicago;

Cultural Sights

As the third-most populated city in the United States, Chicago attracts millions of tourists annually that contribute billions of dollars to its economy. Ranging from amazing museums to delicious street foods, Chicago is home to otherworldly attractions that increase each day; giving tourists something new to see each year. As a tourist visiting Chicago for the first time, there are many important Cultural aspects you would want to be aware of. It is home to the perfected art of comedy, music, and the famous schools of architecture such as Prairie and Chicago schools.

Chicago Cultural Center

Perhaps one of the first places you would want to visit is the Chicago Cultural Center that was built in 1897 and hosts numerous exhibitions and galleries that represent the most contemporary forms of art. The Center is also equipped with a Visitor Information Center and thus it is a good starting point for any enthused tourist.

Grant Park

The second suggested sight to see is the colossal Grant Park that spans over 300 acres of property. Nicknamed as Chicago’s ‘front yard’, it is filled with invaluable landmarks such as the Buckingham Fountain, Millennium Park, the Art institute, and furthermore is host to famous Chicagoan festivals. The Millennium Park is located in the downtown of Chicago and hosts outdoor concerts and the famous Mirror Ball. When it comes to entertainment, almost every landmark and sight to see can also be considered as entertainment so visiting any landmark will leave a good first impression, and even a second or third.

Adler Planetarium

The biggest attraction is the Adler Planetarium; home of the virtual-reality exhibitions through time and space, where one can both learn about the world and beyond, and enjoy it at the same time. This attraction knows no age and it is often a re-visiting point for tourists as well as the locals.

Brookfield Zoo

Another equally entertaining and learning experience is the Brookfield Zoo that spans over 200 acres and presents over 400 species for visitors to see. Inside the area, a fascinating attraction is the ‘Great Bear Wilderness’ exhibit that replicates the North American habitat of many animals almost as if one was viewing the actual phenomenon.

Music Box

For enthusiasts of movies, the Music Box is the most famous cinema that hosts hundreds of art films and documentaries that further represent the American culture as well as the international one.

Chicago Theatre

For further entertainment in art and music, the Chicago Theatre is the house of beautiful plays, concerts, and musicals with the space to hold approximately 3600 viewers. The Chicago nightlife and entertainment together make up the largest tourist attractions through many shopping areas, food courts, famous pubs and the famous pizza that Chicago is known for.

The Navy Pier

The Navy Pier should be the first one the list of any first-timer in Chicago, especially visitors with youngsters due to the amusement park. The Pier is about 50 acres large and further contains numerous shopping locations, interesting foods, and yacht rides.


Shopping addicts will find their shopping habits severely tested at the Water Tower Place with 7 floors of continuous shopping stores, entertainment such as Lego stores for the kids, and pleasurable food courts just above the shopping floors.

Michigan Avenue and the Magnificent Mile are the most famously attractive parts of Chicago that include long walks side by side with luxurious shops, restaurants, and galleries.

Wrigley Field

Sport lovers will be amazed by the Wrigley Field, built in 1914, and Chicago fans will appreciate the field even more as it is home to the Chicago Cubs; so if you’re in town for a visit, make sure to check an upcoming game that you can watch in the company of the delicious hot dogs that Chicago is truly famous for.

Last but not least, fans of science and history should visit the Field Museum of Natural History, as well as the Museum of Science and Industry; the first housing the world’s largest Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton and the latter known for the hands-on exhibits that encourages visitors to directly interact with numerous exhibits. Foodies and cuisine lovers will surely be left speechless by the famous Chicago-style Deep Dish Pizza, or the Chicago-style Hot Dogs found around every corner of the streets. Another famous signature dish of Chicago is known as Chicken Vesuvio which originates from Vesuvio’s Restaurant and is equally tasteful. Whether you’re a tourist or live in Chicago, make sure to visit the fore mentioned places for an enjoyable stay as the city is yours to live and enjoy to the fullest. In the end, you may always ask any Chicagoan for directions or further visit Information Centers throughout the city.


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