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Chicago...A wonderful town!

Updated on January 6, 2018
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Born in Bronx, New York city. Been living in Virginia for more than 30 years. Writing is my passion.

The Chicago Tribune building.


A wonderful town....

My son Mark and I went to the Great Lakes Naval Base.We were, both, happy because my son Joshua had reached a milestone---He was graduating from Boot Camp. For those of you who are not familiar with the words "Boot Camp," it is a slang used in the Navy and Marine corps signifying basic training. We celebrated going around Great Lakes and seeing a movie. Since we were close to Chicago, we decide to take the train the next day and that is when our great adventure began in the Windy city.

The train ride to Chicago

A great train ride

At the train station, we saw some cabs and were tempted to take one but we were told that it was cheaper riding by train. We got our tickets and waited around 45 minutes. Upon getting on the train, we got some nice seats near the window. Being a kid at heart, I sat near the window where I would see the scenery passing by. We saw some nice countrysides and would, occasionally, pass by some nice towns. My big impression was when we arrived in Chicago and we saw the Chicago Tribune building greeting us.

My son Josh in Chicago

Downtown Chicago.

Millennium park.

A bird's eye view of the park.
A bird's eye view of the park. | Source


Upon arriving from a long train ride, we walked around the downtown area. I had lived in New York for 13 years, but I had never seen so many buildings that were large. Large in the sense that they looked so wide. Chicago was bustling with activities. The area was busy and we crossed another elevator train that conducted to a inner urban area. We walked for what seemed miles, looking at the people, but above all, being entertained at the stores and billboards of the area.

Going to Millennium park.

We, then, crossed over to a place called Millennium park in the middle of Chicago. There was a protest, nearby, and some comments were made to my son and his friend concerning their uniform, but I told them to ignore it. It is a shame that people don't respect our men and women in uniform nowadays. Whether you agree with the United States and its policies or not, our military should, always, be appreciated.

Aside from that incident, our visit to the park was great. Walking a few minutes, we appreciated the designs and scenic view. The scenery was beautiful and the park, well kept. Stopping by a store, I brought sovenirs for the family. Nearby, We had a quick bite to eat, walked on back to the train station where there was a crowd waiting. As we boarded the train, it was full and it was standing room only. Thank God that along the way, it got emptied a bit and we were able to sit down.

I have enclosed some pictures for your viewing pleasure. If you are thinking of going to Chicago, it is well worth it. The city seems full of life and there are stores galore for your shopping pleasure. The millennium park is a must see. Maybe your next summer vacation might be in Chicago? It has a little of everything and your family will, certainly, appreciate it. Definitely, for me, it was a great trip to remember!

What are you waiting for? Pack up and go!

Black and White Chevron with Teal Monogram Luggage
Black and White Chevron with Teal Monogram Luggage | Source

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