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Do you need a Satellite Dish on your Motorhome?

Updated on July 17, 2016


We are often asked the question, ''What is better? A Dome or a Dish?''.

Well the answer to the question always different depending what you need and where you are going to be using the Motorhome Satellite System.

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The Dome Motorhome Satellite System

Lets look at the dome

The Dome type Motorhome Satellite System comes in several sizes and types.

The unit is available in a 30 and 40 cm height and an ''In-Motion'' and ''Static'' model are available.

The ''In-Motion'' version has a built in GPS system which will follow the satellite as youe motorhome travels along. The ''Static'' version is exactly the same in size and shape but will only work when the vehicle is stationary.

The difference between the two systems is also reflected in the cost of the units.

The Dish Motorhome Satellite System

On the other hand, the dish

When you think of a motorhome satellite system you would be forgiven for thinking of the traditional dish type satellite system, on the right. This type of motorhome satellite system has been around for some time and has been refined greatly.

The dish size can vary from a modest 55cm up to a whopping 100cm in some of the new models.

The unit is driven by 2 powerful motors to elevate and turn the motorhome satellite dish.

This unit can not be used whilst the vehicle is moving

Results of Testing

The Dome and Dish motorhome satellite systems have both been tested and we find that they both do exactly what they claim. This is based on the footprint map for each of the units pictured above.


Well is tough, on one hand the dome type system can be used whilst your vehicle is moving and is very easy to use. The system is very reliable and is not effected by the weather, this makes it a very interesting system for general use,

However, the sheer size of the dish make it an attractive solution in the more remote locations, but it does suffer badly in high winds.

I suppose if I had to bite the bullet and give you an answer, it would be like this.

The Dome type motorhome satellite system is a superb all round solution for use on your motorhome. It can be used in all weather conditions and even when your motorhome is on the move.

However if you intend to got to places that have very low signal strength then size does matter. In this case you would need the dish type motorhome satellite system.


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