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Christmas Island

Updated on June 26, 2011

Christmas Island is an island in the Indian Ocean near Indonesia but it actually belongs to Australia. It's not a very big island but still big enough to have a National Park, an airport and several beaches.

Most of the people of Christmas Island live in the capital Flying Fish Cove, also known as the Settlement, which is located in the north-east of the island. Like the rest of Australia, the island was colonized by the British and this settlement is also named after a British ship (HMS Flying Fish).

The island is a nice place to spend your Christmas but it also has great photo opportunities for a special event, such as your wedding day. If you're there in December and if you're lucky you might also see the red crab migration for which the island is known!

Where is Christmas Island located?

Christmas Island can be found north-west of the city Perth in Western Australia. Christmas Island belongs to Australia and it's a territory of that country. It's not a state but a territory of Australia; the main difference is that states can pass laws for that area whereas territories cannot do that.

It is actually a lot closer to Jakarta, Indonesia as you can see on the map below. You can use the zoom buttons near the map to zoom out. The island is about 1350 kilometers away from Singapore and about 2650 kilometers from Perth, Australia.

Map of Christmas Island

Christmas Island:
Christmas Island

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How do I get to Christmas Island?

Most tourists can visit Christmas Island by taking a flight or by taking a cruise. There are regular flights to Christmas Island but there are also cruise ships that stop at the port of the island.

There are direct flights from Perth, Australia and flights from the Cocos (Keeling) Islands. There are only a few flights per week so make sure you plan your visit to Christmas Island well. The latest information can be found on the website of the Christmas Island Tourist Association (see the link at the bottom of this article).

If you have a yacht then you can also dock at the port of Christmas Island.

Red crab on Christmas Island
Red crab on Christmas Island | Source

Christmas Island tourism

Why should you go to this island? What can you do there? Here's a list of things that tourists can do at this island:

  • Christmas Island National Park: Most of the island is a national park and it's well worth a visit. The landscape is diverse and it ranges from beaches to rainforest and from sea cliffs to mangrove forests. There are various endemic plant species and the island is also well-known for its red crabs. A large population of red crabs inhabits Christmas Island and they migrate to the sea each year.
  • Red crab migration: This is a popular attraction when you are there at the right time of the year. The red crab migration at Christmas Island depends on the wet season, the weather and the moon cycles. It can happen at the very beginning or very end of the months October, November and December, depending on the aforementioned factors. It can therefore vary each year although there are also smaller migrations taking place around this time. The migration can last for several weeks when it starts though.

    Millions of crabs and baby crabs are flooding the island's houses and other facilities. The roads and walkways are also covered with countless red crabs which is really a sight to behold.
  • Snorkelling and scuba diving: Christmas Island is a great place for swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving. It has beautiful corals, exotic fish species and other marine life, such as dolphins, whalesharks and sharks.
  • Explore nature and go fishing: You can walk around the island, you can go bird watching and you can fish at various fish spots. The fish around Christmas Island are rather big and there are several fishing operators that can take you out to go fishing.
  • Have fun at the golf course: The island has a golf course with nine holes which can also be used by non-members. Clubs can be hired and you can start golfing in an exotic location! Did you know that during the red crab migration the golf course also has countless red crabs on it? If a red crab pushes the ball in the hole then it still counts!

Video of the red crab migration

The video below shows the amazing red crab migration at Christmas Island. You won't believe the number of crabs that quite literally flood the island during the migration!

Fun fact about Christmas Island

Well, it's not really about the island itself but did you know that there's also an island called Little Christmas Island? Little Christmas Island is located along the east coast of Tasmania, Australia! It is a lot smaller than the island from which it derives its name but it's still an island in its own right.

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