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Clean, organized packing fun with Eagle Creek Pack-It

Updated on June 17, 2017

With the outrageous prices airlines are charging for checked luggage and restrictive carry-on dimensions -- and that goes even more so with overseas flights -- it's no wonder everyone is looking to stretch their luggage space more and more. Folks can't afford to waste any of their available room! Fortunately, Eagle Creek has over 4 decades of making travel gear -- first evolving out of a store called Mountain People. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

Another travel issue to keep in mind: when you're on the road -- in unfamiliar surroundings, possibly dealing with lack of sleep, jet lag, bad hotel lighting, etc. -- it's critical to stay as organized as possible. Knowing where everything is and using the classic trick of putting your stuff in the same place every time, will keep you from making costly or dangerous mistakes. It would be a disaster to leave a favorite outfit, special coverups for religious venues, perfectly fitting and necessary foundation garments. If you're able to access things by familiar touch, rather than by relying on being able to spot and remember what you packed, you'll greatly reduce stress as you travel.

Eagle Creek's Pack-It system includes several categories of products, including "cubes". They come in different styles, including cubes made from a type of sturdy nylon and also, anti-microbial mesh. They're also available in a variety of bright colors, all the better to see in a typically dark-lined suitcase.

The cubes are vast improvement above just carefully packing your clothing. Once zipped, they squeeze out some of the air that gets trapped between folds and in pockets. Believe or not, that adds up and takes up a ton of space! Also, you'll be able to separate your worn clothes from clean -- hygienically. They also afford you a degree of privacy if your carry-on is selected for inspection by TSA at the airport . . . you won't be like I was, right after 9/11, having my lingerie pop out all over the floor of Houston Intercontinental Airport!

With different sizes, you can get in the habit of packing only certain things in each size. Need a pair of socks right away? Grab the smallest cube, instead of rifling through your entire suitcase.

If you need to watch every ounce -- you're traveling to Europe or having to manage all of your bags by yourself -- the Specter is their ultra-light design. These cubes and other accessories are sheer, but sturdy.

Both styles of cubes have their own handle, to use as a bag. That comes in so handy as a pool bag! Also, sometimes, you acquire a great number of souvenirs and need to take a bag out as your "carry-on", while the rest of the whole shebang becomes checked luggage. I've certainly done that. Though they're soft sided, I have also checked a larger bag filled with laundry when I was able to check luggage for free. It worked!


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