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Computer Repairs in Newquay

Updated on July 18, 2011

Computer Repairs in Newquay - and Free Wifi

I wanted to tell you about a fabulously reliable, honest and trust-worthy computer repairs company in Newquay, but I'll start by telling you there's free wifi access outside their premises too, see the end of this article for a map.

If you're travelling, it can be hard to find an honest, reliable company to sort out any PC problems you might have - and to reliably point you in the right direction if you need something they don't have.

I rely on my PC and a laptop for everything, my Internet is provided via a dongle. When one or the other breaks down I'm lost. I hesitate to call computer repairs companies because I'm fearful of being misled and generally treated badly.

Not so at Newquay Computer Repairs above Chester Road Market, Newquay.

So far he's not sold me a thing, I've not been charged for any of my visits.... so I decided the world needed to know about this great customer service.

The first time I needed computer repairs in Newquay I wasn't sure if my monitor was broken, or if it was the video card, or even the cables. I hesitated to call anybody, instead I spent a few hours with fingers crossed rebooting my PC, and wiggling the cables, In the end, I took a drive down to Newquay Computer Repairs, with my base unit (there's no need to take a keyboard/mouse or monitor to a computer repair company, just the base unit).

The guy plugged his monitor into my base unit and it worked. Great! He then advised me to go and buy a new monitor from Argos. Fab - he didn't try to sell me a monitor. To be honest, I'd have just bought one if he had, but stocking/selling monitors wasn't his core business, so he didn't try any funny sales business.

There's a sign in the shop saying that there's a flat £20 charge for diagnosis of problems - I think this is a fair price, and good policy. I expected to be charged the £20 to be honest... after all, he'd tested my base unit/video card worked by plugging his monitor in, it gave me an instant answer - and he'd given me best advice. But no, no charge made. What a great guy!

The next time I had to pop down to Newquay Computers, I was having problems with my keyboard and mouse. I had a PS/2 connection on both. When my keyboard and mouse stopped working, I had no way to get a solution, so down the computer repairs shop I went again.

In for a chat, explained my problem - and, guess what, he lent me a USB keyboard and mouse. Didn't ask my name/address or anything. Simply said "try these to see if it fixes the problem". Such trust. Well, that did solve the problem and a relative gave me their USB keyboard and mouse.... so I took the loaned items back to the shop, no charge.

So, if you're in Newquay - and you want to be treated fairly, by somebody who knows their stuff, if you want good customer service, without being ripped off, then I thoroughly recommend Newquay Computers above Chester Road Market in Newquay.

There's loads of free parking outside too, ideal if you've got your base unit or a monitor with you.

Wifi Freespot
Wifi Freespot

Free Wifi in Newquay

If you pull up outside Newquay Computers, you can use their free wifi.  They are a Wifi Freespot. 

A markerNewquay Computers -
Chester Road, Newquay, Cornwall TR7 3BP, UK
get directions

Computer Repairs in Newquay

Directions to Newquay Computers

Address: Unit 9, Whitegate Shopping Centre, Chester Road, Newquay, Cornwall, TR7 3BP
They're up the stairs and once you're through the door you're there.



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