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Cordless Telephone Answering Machine

Updated on May 28, 2010

Today's Cordless Phone Answering Machine

 Ring! Ring! Ring! Pick up your cordless phone within four rings or you know what will happen. "Please leave a message after the tone"... BEEP! Most cordless phone answering machines are controlled by microprocessors so they can accomodate different mode changes. You can set them up to pick up after ten rings, giving you a chance to get off the toilet, or you can set them up for a single ring, perhaps when you go on vacation to Frankfurt and don't want to waste everybody's valueable time waiting for you to pick up.

When somebody leaves you a message, the answering machine actually converts their voice into a stream of bytes and stores it in RAM. The only thing stopping this voice murder from happening is if you find a way to lift that phone up from its cradle.

One of the really cool things about answering machines today is that you can get your messages remotely by simply calling your home number and putting in a code on the keypad.  

How to Get Your Messages Remotely

  1. Call your number
  2. Let the answering machine answer and preach its sermon
  3. Push 0 during the bogus message you have recorded
  4. Wait for a special beep and you can listen to your messages in peace


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