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Coronavirus in Italy, My Views

Updated on April 23, 2020

The world Coronavirus pandemic view

One of the Coronavirus photos
One of the Coronavirus photos

The Coronavirus Pandemic in Italy

Welcome to our Hub Page article (97). Coronavirus in Italy my views

Dear readers, I am writing this article to keep my own record of what is happening in Italy now, I hope that this Coronavirus disease will be over soon, so, everybody will forget about it and don’t remember even the dates when this has happened; so let me start writing my record, about what and when it has happened.

You see, today the 19 of March 2020, I have been shocked from the news that another 475 people have died in 24 hours in Italy from this coronavirus infection. So, I am looking at the numbers of dead people all over the world and I am concerned. I am concerned because the Italian have not been able to slow down this coronavirus infection, like the Chines have; so, I am asking myself why this is happening.

I believe that the Italian doctors are just as good as the Chines doctors, that now they seem to have been able to control the coronavirus in their country. So, what are the reasons and why this is happening, one may ask?

Having said that, now I return to check out the list of the dead, just to see if there is a pattern that can give us some clues, so, let us see what the lists say and write a shortlist down, so that we can compare today list with future lists:

Short list of Coronavirus cases 19 March 2020

China Mainland, 80,928 Cases----3245 Deaths----70420 Recovered. 4 % Deaths

Italy, -------------- 35,713 Cases----2978 Deaths----4025 Recovered. 8.3 % Deaths

Iran, -------------- 17,371 Cases----1135 Deaths----5710 Recovered. 6.5 % Deaths

Spain, ----------- 14,769 Cases-----638 Deaths---- 1081 Recovered. 4.3 % Deaths

Germany, ------ 12,327 Cases ------28 Deaths-----105 Recovered. 0.2 % Deaths

United States, - 9,285 Cases------150 Deaths-----106 Recovered. 1.6 % Deaths

These are some of the deaths from the coronavirus the 19 of March 2020

Here we need to note that Italy deaths 8.3 % are the heist, they are more than twice China average, and higher than most other countries, so, we wonder why. Anyhow, we are waiting for tomorrow to see, if this trend keeps going on. This is one of the reasons why we want to follow what is happening, because it is important to know. So, tomorrow we are going to write another list of the same countries, to see what the difference is.

The pope is worried and prays for everybody

The pope is worried about what is happening, so, he goes around praying for everybody. He has visited this church where it is said that in 1522, this statue of Christ was taken in a procession and stopped the pest in Rome.
The pope is worried about what is happening, so, he goes around praying for everybody. He has visited this church where it is said that in 1522, this statue of Christ was taken in a procession and stopped the pest in Rome.

Italy Coronavirus cases 20 March 2020

After one day let us compare what has happened

Now let us see what has happened in one day.

China Mainland, 80,928 Cases, 3,245 Deaths, 70,420 Recovered. 4 % Deaths

Italy, -------------- 41,035 Cases, 3,405 Deaths, 4,440 Recovered. 8.3 % Deaths

Iran, -------------- 18,407 Cases, 1,284 Deaths, 5,979 Recovered. 6.9 % Deaths

Spain, ----------- 18,077 Cases, 833--- Deaths, 1,107 Recovered. 4.6 % Deaths

Germany, ------ 15,320 Cases, 44----- Deaths, 115—Recovered. 0.3 % Deaths

United States, 13,726 Cases, 201---- Deaths, 108—Recovered. 1.7 % Deaths


Here again Italy is the worst off with 8.3% deaths. So, I wonder what could be the reasons, because there could be something that makes this virus more aggressive, or are the Italians and some Europeans less resistant to this virus, for unknown reasons? We wonder why. Anyhow, hereunder I am going to paste part of a report that I found in the news.

So, I quote.

The coronavirus pandemic is exacting a heavy toll on Italy, with hospitals overwhelmed and a nationwide lockdown imposed. But experts are also concerned about a seemingly high death rate, with the number of fatalities outstripping the total reported in China.

Of the 41,035 people confirmed coronavirus patients in Italy, 3,405 so far have died - an increase of 427 in the last 24 hours. By contrast China has almost twice as many cases, 81,155, but 3,245 fatalities.

In very crude terms, this means that around eight per cent of confirmed coronavirus patients have died in Italy, compared to four per cent in China. By this measure Germany, which has so far identified 13,000 cases and 42 deaths, has a fatality rate of just 0.3 per cent.

End of quote.

Looks like that this virus is going to last for a while.

So, I am going to come back and continue this article next week. Meanwhile let us hope that the Italian and the rest of the world, find something better to defeat the virus.

Coronavirus is hard to control

The Coronavirus is causing many problems, the authorities try their best to control it, but most of their rules may not work. In Italy the entire country population must self-isolate even if you are healthy; for those that are sick these rules are even harder. People can go out only if they are healthy; and they need to go out for essential work that must be done to feed the people and help the sick, and to buy their food, everything else is banned, and you can get in trouble with the authorities, if you don’t follow these rules, it is almost like when there is a war, authorities can tell you what to do and when you can do it. Well they must enforce these rules, because people become sick and they can die; you see over 4000 have already died. Even the dead are becoming a problem, because they cannot bury them in time, as we will explain soon.

Anyhow, you can shop for essentials, but you must keep a distance from other shoppers, you can say that you are lucky, if you can to find what you need, because there are shortages of what you need. Anyhow, the authorities tell you that the essentials will be there, but whether they are there or not is another story. Hereunder is a photo of people shopping, to show you what we mean. Then we will talk about what is happening to the dead people.

The Coronavirus shopping problems

When shopping people must have masks and keep to a distance. There are also shortages of food. Once shopping was an happy event, today people are worried for themselves in case they get infected, and because they cannot find what they want.
When shopping people must have masks and keep to a distance. There are also shortages of food. Once shopping was an happy event, today people are worried for themselves in case they get infected, and because they cannot find what they want.

The dead people are waiting for burial

There is also the urgent need to remove the dead people; they need to be cremated or buried, otherwise something horrible can happen; not only they may still continue to spread the Coronavirus epidemic, but other disease can emerge, if they are not disposed of in time.

In fact, the army is helping to move the dead with their trucks, but even this may not me enough, so, they have another big problem there. Anyhow, to give you an idea how things today are, I am pasting a report found on the Internet.

Today is the 22 March 2020, and I quote:

The death toll from COVID-19 in Italy has risen to 4,825 after the biggest hike in the number of deaths in the country in 24 hours.

On Thursday, Italy overtook China as the country to register the most deaths from coronavirus.

Italian officials on Sunday said the 793 people died of the virus within 24 hours.

End of quote.

But why in Italy the Coronavirus is killing more people than everywhere else, we must wonder. So, I am going to write my own views hereunder. Anyhow, I am only a simple bloke; so, what I will write is views of a simpleton, but nevertheless they are my views.


Getting ready the dead for burial

In Bergamo and in other cities that have many coronavirus dead, they are finding it hard to cope, as you can see from this photo, there are just too many dead people to get ready,
In Bergamo and in other cities that have many coronavirus dead, they are finding it hard to cope, as you can see from this photo, there are just too many dead people to get ready,

Why so many are dying, my views

I have been looking at what the news reports are saying, about the reason why the percentage of the Italian dying from the Coronavirus is higher than other countries. There are theories saying that it is the way that the Italians are counting the dead; most people die because they have other illnesses.

Other people say that there are too many old people in the Italian community, and that is the reason why they die. So, everybody tries to find an excuse for the higher number of dead, but so far, nobody knows the reason, so, it can be anything. It can be the weather temperature, the humidity and other weather factors that makes the people sicker, it can even be that these people have less immunity to this disease than the rest of the world has, even this must be taken in consideration.

So, let me say my views about this immunity factor. Today I am in Australia, so, I have heard many stories about indigenous immunity. You see, when the European came to Australia, unintentionally they brought with them the usual cold and influenza, so, many indigenous people died from this normal disease. Today the indigenous people are worried about some of their community that still live isolated from the rest of the Australia population, because a lot of them can easily die, if they become infected from the coronavirus, since their immunity is thought to be very low.

This issue makes me think that perhaps, the reason why there are more deaths in Italy, that in the rest of the world; it is because the people immunity to the Coronavirus in Lombardy is low, compared to the Chines and other Asiatic people. Now let me explain what my simple head is thinking. The reason for this difference is that, the Coronavirus is thought to have come from Chinese people eating raw meat of wild animals.

If this is the case, then it follows that the Chines and most of the Asiatic people have always eaten these animals in the past, therefore, their bodies may have acquired some immunity that the animals themselves have. But the Italian have no immunity at all. I know that this is one of my wild imagination, but that is what has come to my mind. I hope that the experts investigate this possibility, we can never know, whether there is something that can help.

I believe that this article is going to become too long, so, I better stop writing now, even though I must edit this article several times, to add what is happening next.

Reviewing the coronavirus sick and dead toll

Because we want to keep a record to compare with the future, hereunder we are copying and pasting six or seven cases of the countries most affected.

So, today is the 2nd of April 2020, and this is how many sick and deaths in the following countries:

United States --- 216,154 confirmed sick, 5,115 Deaths, and 8,878 Recovered

Italy ------------- 110,574 confirmed sick, 13,155 Deaths, and 16,847 Recovered

Spain ----------- 104,118 confirmed sick, 9,387 Deaths, and 22,647 Recovered

China ----------- 81,554 confirmed sick, 3,312 Deaths, and 76,238 Recovered

Germany ----- 77,981 confirmed sick, 931 Deaths, and 11,722 Recovered

France ------ 56,989 confirmed sick, 4032 Deaths, and 9,561 Recovered

Iran --------- 47,593 confirmed sick, 3036 Deaths, and 15,473 Recovered

Today 2- April- 2020, the United States have most sick 216,154; Italy has the most deaths 13,155, followed by Spain with 9,387 deaths. China seems to have almost the same number of a week ago. Anyhow, we stop here, we will come back to add another list in a few weeks to compare what is happening.

Last list to compare what is happening.

We are writing an update about the COVID 19, to compare what has happened, since we wrote last time. We hope that this is my last update, since some leaders are now talking about easing the restrictions on lockdown, because they believe that we can start controlling the disease.

Anyhow, today is the 24th of April 2020, and the following is a list of the COVID 19 cases, as they appear on the internet.



UNITED STATES, ------889,999-----------50,363-----------82,112

SPAIN, --------------------213,024-----------22,157-----------89,250



UNITED KINGDOM---138,078----------18,738--------------1,918



CHINA (mainland)---88,423--------------4,632---------------81,785.

We hope this is the last list to compare what is happening, and next time we need to open a new article, because we want to write and follow the road to recovery.

See you soon.


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