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Costa Rica Info

Updated on October 22, 2011

Costa Rica, which means “rich coast” in Spanish, is a Latin American country located in the Central America. Officially known as The Republic of Costa Rica is a green, peaceful and a beautiful country believed to be the most Green and the environmental friendly country of America.

In terms of the 2010 Environmental Performance Index Costa Rica is ranked 3rd in the world and 1st in America. In 2007 this country was ranked 54 in the world in terms of Human Development Index.

Brief History

Since when this coast has been inhabited by man, is not known exactly. Historians believe that this land has been inhabited by human civilization for nearly 10,000 years. There is not much evidence of the past human civilizations that inhabited the land therefore nothing can be said for sure. 

Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica
Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica

However at Guayabo, present 30 miles east of San Jos there is an ancient city dated back to 1000 BC. It is believed that this city at its peak had a population of 10,000 people and the city consisted of progressive and intellectual communities.

Many interesting artifacts have been discovered from the ruins of this ancient city. Other than this city any evidence of a proper advanced civilization has not been found, which has lead to the belief that this coast had been occupied by small tribal communities many 100s of years ago.

La Fortuna Falls
La Fortuna Falls
Beautiful sunset in Costa Rica.
Beautiful sunset in Costa Rica.

On 18th September 1502 when Christopher Columbus arrived in Limon during his third and a final journey to the America, he discovered a land occupied by a large number of small tribal communities, each which with distinct cultures and customs.

He discovered that this land was extremely rich of metals and gold and was also rewarded with a lot of gold as souvenir by the local people. On his return he announced the discovery of this land and how rich this coast was.

These lead many adventurers to travel to this land for gold but many were captured by the Indians and most never succeeded.

But most were disappointed to reach a land which was although rich, nothing but a swamp of sick communities and diseases.

Where other countries around Costa Rica in Central America were progressing and colonizing, this country remained backward.

By 1956 the news about Central America and this land had been spread. The same year the Spanish sent their troops to Costa Rica, invaded the land and made their commander Juan Vasquez de Coronado the Governor of Costa Rica.

But due to the distance and lack of trade routes between this coast and the Guatemala City, the head of Spanish Monarchy and the largest city in the Central America the Spanish could not maintain their rule here in Costa Rica allowing the people of the land to work on their own, the country was overlooked and there came a time when it was considered as the poorest country of the Latin America.

As the time passed the colonies in the Costa Rica started to establish further. By the 18th century due to increased trade of wheat and tobacco the economic conditions of the country became much better.

Pos Vocano Sulfur Lake Caldera Costa Rica
Pos Vocano Sulfur Lake Caldera Costa Rica

In 1821 when the Central America got free from the Spanish rule Costa Rica joined the new confederations of Central America.

In 1824 the first elected president Juan Mora Fernandez was selected as the head of states.

From then to the early 1990s the country had been the head of military dictatorships, tyrannical rules and civil war.

Due to the efforts of national heroes such as Don Pepe and many others Costa Rica finally managed to be free of all the bloody wars and became a peaceful and quite democratic nation and within a short span of time a country which was considered as a war zone became one of the most peaceful countries of the world.

Coffee plantation in Costa Rica.
Coffee plantation in Costa Rica.
Chatham Beach
Chatham Beach


Costa Rica is located in the Central America. The whole coast is bordered by Nicaragua on the North, from the east it is bordered by Panama. Pacific Ocean is located at its west and around east west is the Caribbean Sea.


The climate of Costa Rica is moderate and consistent throughout the year. Being a tropical country there is not much of a summer or a winter season. It rains in many regions consistently throughout half the year.


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