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Cruise From NY

Updated on April 18, 2015
NYC Lady Liberty
NYC Lady Liberty

New York City Cruising

It's that time of year again when it comes to plan that wonderful family vacation and you've opted for a cruise! Great choice as cruises offer a plethora of options for the entire family at a great value.

To cut down on the travel budget but still visit those exotic places, you may have decided to sail from a port close to home. If not, that's still ok! Let's take a look at where you can sail from if you live in the Tri-State area.

The Cruise Ports

In the New York City area, there are 3 main cruise ports which host a wide variety of ships offering cruises to exotic locations year-round. These are:

1) Port of New York

2) Port of Bayonne

3) Port of Brooklyn


Port of NY & Brooklyn

The New York and Brooklyn terminals are both run by NY Cruise and the schedule of ship departures can be found on their website:

Using the schedule, you can see - as an example, that in 2015, the Norwegian Gem, Norwegian Breakaway, Carnival Splendor and Queen Mary 2 sail several itineraries from the big apple. You can then search these ships on the individual cruise line websites for pricing and availability information.

Port of Bayonne

The Port of Bayonne is across the hudson on the New Jersey side. It is named the Cape Liberty Cruise Port. Their Cruise schedule can be found here:

Looking at this site, we can see as another example, Royal Caribbean's Quantum, Liberty, Serenade, and Anthem of the Seas as well as Celebrity's Summit depart from this port in the 2015 cruise season.

QM2 Brooklyn
QM2 Brooklyn

The Itineraries

Cruises from NY offer a wide variety of itineraries, as can be seen from the cruise schedules for each of the ports. If you want a warm tropical vacation, you can have that. If you want the quaint charm of New England, you can have that too. Further, if you want to sail across the Atlantic to Europe, that's also available. Here's a listing of some of the common itinerary regions:

Canada & New England

- Includes Halifax, Nova Scotia and Quebec City, Canada


- Ships generally sail 2-3 days each way and dock from one to several days in one of a variety of ports in Bermuda.

The Caribbean

- Nassau, Freeport, Port Canaveral (Orlando), St. Thomas are just some of the beautiful ports you may visit on one of these itineraries. Expect 2-3 days "at sea" until you arrive in those warm, tropical waters.


-Set sail on a voyage of a lifetime, crossing the strong Atlantic Ocean to ports far off such as Dover in the UK, Barcelona, Spain, Portugal and France. Transatlantic itineraries are generally one way, so expect to purchase a return flight home once you reach your final port of call in Europe.


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