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Cruise Experience

Updated on August 19, 2016

The Beaut of Nature

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Caribbean BeachCaribbean Sunet
Caribbean Beach
Caribbean Beach
Caribbean Sunet
Caribbean Sunet

Bahamian Cruise with the Saints

 Cruizing really is the best holiday I have ever experienced and taken and I wished everyone will have a similar experience as I.

Last summer I went with my wife on this cruise holiday with the Americans celebarting their 150th Anniversary and received great satisfaction and thrill. For those of us privileged to be there, it what an awe-inspiring journey into the magic of the Atlantic. Embarking on our journey from the Port of Miami on the Royal Caribbean – Majesty of the seas was one of the many ways the North American conference of the Church of God chose to celebrate the anniversary of it's founding. The ship itself was a breath taking spectacle, and beautiful to behold, but what was most exciting was the fellowship we shared with saints from different parts of the world and representing different facets of the church almost universal membership. We met with those whose names we have become accustomed to through the wide rage of publications, the Bible Advocate, other booklets, tracts, Sabbath lessons and those covering doctrinal issues. The artistic flavour of each morning's devotion led by Elder Rose, was a journey into the heart and presence of God, with beautifully rendered songs, personal testimonies and encouragements from the word. Fitting messages of our journey "ship", "anchor" and "sailing" delivered with uniqueness and spirit. The various flavour of food from India, China, a journey into Caribbean delights very much a taste of paradise and the food was plentiful!

From thought provoking conversations at the dinner table each evening to socialising afterwards displayed brotherhood, the sense of family comradeship and organisation to the finest detail. There may be a chance of producing something approaching the quality of the Bahamian experience but I will need to see evidence of that. The most exciting part of the journey was the invitation to join the excursion by the Bahamian church pastor led by the Pastor representing a group that only in the last two years become affiliated with the church of God. The pastor gave 49 of us a guided tour on two mini buses to his Nassau city based church where we met his wife who provided refreshments with a few members of his church and family. The atmosphere was friendly, welcoming and great fun, some of us joined in trying to open coconut with barely a stone, only a couple of us were successful in doing that.

 An enchanting and mesmerizing experience walking through the narrow streets of Nassau, swimming in the deep blue Atlantic Ocean – walking on white sandy beaches on Coco cay, on the beach barbeque organised by the ships chefs was an unforgettable experience.  Walking through the shopping areas of Key West seeing ship shoppers hunting for last minute bargains, for gifts to take home, was a sight to behold. Of course we could not resist the very large shopping mall of Miami after we exit the ship.

My hope and prayers is to wish every one of you a similar experience, which means hoping for another such cruise to be organized very soon, until…and that we all get involved to make it happen. Today I stand to attention, wishing I was there, again, hoping to receive the call, I will be ready.

 Hoping the peace of the Lord and His Christ may dwell with you richly.


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  • profile image

    Susette Robinson  8 years ago

    I am definitely going with my family this year.

  • Kenny MG profile image

    Kenny MG 8 years ago from A Child of the Universe

    Guys, I reached a point now where I feel it is pointless, yet I have to apologise, as it is the least that I can do but yet it is not enough for not responding to your comments sooner. I can only promise to change in future

  • profile image

    Merrill Estophan 8 years ago

    The picture you painted, I want a holiday!

  • profile image

    Margret Johnson 8 years ago

    I love Jamaica, my husband and I spend our honymoon in Montego Bay. We always promised to return but never get to fullfil that pledge we will surely go again.

  • profile image

    Joan Senior 8 years ago

    I am glad that you guys went. At first i wanted to go then i let go of my dream and so i did not go. next planned cruise involving the Church i certainly will dream, hold on and go.

  • profile image

    Claudette Brown 8 years ago

    I have longed hope to be on a cruise and your article gives me the needed push. Well done and I will continue to read your well presented articles.

  • profile image

    Damon Davis 8 years ago

    Aren't cruise for old folks? Well, so I was told anyway, but the way you present It I will make an effort to plan one soon.